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Over 100,000 Clicks PER DAY Available?!?

I’m Not Your Typical Traffic Reseller…
Hey there – IMEntourage is founded by Harris Fellman, Ryan Fellman, and Flo Orokunle.  They’ve been doing some form of online marketing since 1996.  Harris had many of his own info products in the internet marketing space and forged many great relationships with some guys with very big lists. We think you’ll find us to be the most transparent, helpful, and fair-priced traffic dealers on the web. But, hey, time will tell, right? :)

Alright – well, what’s with the 100,000 clicks per day??
As of July 2013, the long and short of it is that we work directly with over 30 different email list owners (“publishers”) that I have very good relationships with. The main niches they’re in are: BizOp, Internet Marketing, Self-Help, Health/Diet, and Finance. As of right now – 19 of the 30 are Biz Op and/or Make Money Online type lists. Of those 19 publishers, there are 9 that I use on a very regular basis. They can do about 60,000 clicks per day on their own and send very good quality traffic.

Okay – so, how much does it cost?
There’s basically a couple different pricing models of how you can buy email traffic today.The original way most ezines or newsletter used to do for “Solo Ads” was to just charge on a “per mailing” basis. This is also called “CPM” or “Cost per Mille” – which means “cost per 1000 emails sent”. There’s a whole lot that’s out of your control with this model in my opinion and you never quite know how many visitors you’re going to get from it. Sometimes CPM works out great… sometimes it doesn’t.

Basically, with CPM mailings, you pay one price for the entire mailing, hope the copy you wrote for the email converts really well, and get whatever number of visitors you get from that one mailing.. and that’s that. You really have no idea how many emails were truly sent, if the publisher was having deliverability issues, etc.

What about CPC?
Another pricing model available for email traffic is the “CPC” model. This is where you pay a COST PER CLICK. You pay 50c, 75c or $1 per click … and get the exact number of clicks promised. This model is a lot more cut and dry at least. At the end of the day – you want visitors – and that’s what’s delivered.

But wait, how can they do this with email trafic?? I mean, you never know what the click through rate will be – so, what happens?? Well, as soon as your click count has been fulfilled, the list owner has a little software that redirects the traffic to his own offer, an affiliate offer, or someone else. No big deal, but sometimes that means that a very generic email is being used in order to generate the most clicks possible… and that email copy may not make much sense for your landing page.

Alright, guys — so, how do you charge for email traffic then?
For the most part, we’ve transitioned most of my pricing over to what I call a “CPC+” model. I think this is kind of the best of both worlds. You’ll agree to a maximum budget for the mailing at an agreed upon cost per click *plus* most of the time you will receive more traffic than what you paid for. Thus “CPC +”.

Here’s an example of how that works:
With my “A Team” lists that I mentioned above, the agreed upon CPCs range from 65c-90c depending on volume, availability, day of the week, etc. But, for oversimplification sake, let’s just say it’s 75c per click. Because these are all very big publishers, the minimum number of clicks you can order from any one publisher is 1000 clicks.

So, at 75c CPC, this would cost $750. You pay me exactly $750 — no more, no less… I hold your money until the 1000 clicks are delivered and then I pay the publisher. So, you will get a minimum of 1000 targeted visitors showing up to your landing page… Most of the time a bit more (thus the “plus”). So, in the end, you’ll pay much less than the 75c per click that you agreed upon.

Who are these “A Teamers”???
As transparent as we are, we still don’t like to post the names of my publishers right here on a web page. You can feel free to contact us and we’ll discuss your needs. And at that time, I’ll be happy to let you know who some of them are. They range from Internet Marketing Pioneers to guys that win big Launch Contests on a regular basis to someone you may have seen on TV.

What about List Size, CTR, CPM, time slots, etc??
Well, many people ask about things like click through rates, list size, click through rate, and time slots. I feel the CPC+ model really does away with your need to worry such things. But happy to discuss that with you if you feel it’s necessary. The whole point of all those questions is for you to get an idea of what the cost per click might be – so, this is something you know up front with my lists with the CPC+ model.

As for Time Slots, some can mail “right away”.. some need a few days lead time… others a week to 10 days. So, you just contact me directly with what you want to do and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

What’s the bottom line?

  • A Team (Biz Op) – 1000 click minimum, 70c-90c per click
  • B Team (Biz Op) – 1000 click minimum, 55c-70c per click
  • D Team (Biz Op) – 1000 click minimum, 40c-55c per click
  • IM/MMO – 1000 click minimum, 85c-$1 per click
  • Health – 1000 click minimum, $1-$1.50 per click
  • Self Help – many still do the CPM model, contact me if interested

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