Your success is our business and nothing is more satisfying than the personal messages we receive everyday from our students. Please feel free to read through this brief sampling of messages from actual students (used with permission of course).

(…)so for the last week my wife has been telling me to send this email to you and here we are. First of all, THANK YOU. Both of us are so excited about what we’re seeing. We’re not sure if it’s been as obvious when we talk but you need to know that you’re probably the biggest blessing to our little family. It sounds kind of odd reading that back but our future and everything is going to be completely different because of what you’re doing with us and we’re blown away right now.

We had 11 sales yesterday on my ebay account and 6 under my wife’s account. We’ve been averaging 15 sales a day for the past week now. The sales kept going since we spoke last and yeah we doubled last weeks numbers! We’ve looked at our profit margins after ebay fees and we’re averaging $172.50 every day. That’s already almost double what I make at work and it hasn’t even been a month since we started. Anyways I can go on and on but just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU and a little update on how it’s coming. We can’t wait to talk again on Wednesday!

Carl & Melinda

Little Elm, TX

I had to let you guys know how much it’s meant to me to have this kind of help. There is just no possible way that I could ever have imagined doing this on my own. Before Elite Ecoach I spent a good two months or so looking all over the internet for something to help me get started with my own internet business. The biggest hurdle for me was that there is just so much to know and it’s never all in the same place. I mean I might find an interesting method on one site then on another site they’re raving about some totally different new method to make some money. Everywhere I looked just sent me off in a different direction and it left me more than a little fearful to even get started. I really needed this help and after my husband’s friend introduced me to Elite Ecoach it was obvious that you are a group of professionals who love helping people. My site is giving me the income you said it would. It took hard work in the beginning but now it really is mostly passive which is exactly what I set out to do. I love my new life.


Belmont, MA

The website launched on tuesday and as requested I’m including my traffic statistics for you. I only got through the first three traffic methods but I’ve been putting each to work every day and the results have been astounding. On launch day, day one, I had 167 visitors and that converted into 5 sales. A 3% conversion. Day two- 182 visits and 8 sales, almost a 5% conversion. And today I’ve had 78 visitors but it’s only about 1pm. It looks like most of the traffic comes in the evening so today should be better than yesterday. And already had 4 sales so far today so I’m hoping to at least match yesterday. I’ll be going through the optimization list and I’m confident I can convert more of those visitors into customers. Also next week I’ll be moving on to the other traffic methods. Like you said, doubling the traffic should double my sales so thats the next goal. Thanks for all the help, you’ve been the best mentor.


Santa Rosa, CA

I know you told me that you’d have all the instructions that I needed but I’m more than a little stunned here. (…)the call we had was great and I logged right into the eLibrary and went through the first few video trainings that you assigned. But then I kept going and kept going and kept going! This is EVERYTHING I’ve been looking for over the last month. I couldn’t find anything even close to this until I signed on with you. You cover everything and I peeked at a lot of the other courses in the eLibrary and I’m so thrilled to devour all of this knowledge. I love that each one tells me precisely what I need to do. I can honestly see why your students do so well and I already feel the momentum taking over!

Lindsey & Steve

Asheville, NC

I’m writing in to thank you for your unbelievable help over the past several months. You deserve much more than I can express in an email but I didn’t want another day to pass without telling you how special I feel. I’ve wanted to make money at my own website for years and thought I had tried every method out there. Elite Ecoach has been such a life saver and the success I’ve had has opened my eyes to what is possible as I keep working at this. Our calls and emails and all of the content and videos has been the missing ingredient for me. I just couldn’t do this on my own and I’m so proud of myself for being willing to take the help from Elite Ecoach. What astounds me is that there are so many of you there who’ve been doing this for years with your own online businesses and I could have been living like this all along if I didn’t waste so much time.


Sedona, AZ

Well hello there favorite consultant of mine. Wanted to give you a quick update after going over your suggestions and the checklist. Both websites went live on June 18. Here’s the surprise- one has grossed almost nine grand in three weeks and the second site is making at least sixty dollars everyday. Yes, I am very very pleased. I have to tell you, if we didn’t narrow down to the right niche like you more or less forced me to do, then I have a feeling I’d still be waiting for my first sale. Like you said… find a pool of hungry buyers then give them what they want and they’ll eat it up immediately. It’s been a privilege having you by my side through all four site launches. If you ever make it up to Washington, know you’ve got a lifelong friend right here.


Olympia, WA