Chapter 4

How To Make Sure You Always Get Paid Top Dollar

You already know that by choosing a specialized niche market, you’ll find thousands of people that are willing to pay top dollar for your specialized information product. It’s equally important to create a strong sense of value in your information products. I use the term “Sense of value” because value is all based on perception. So you don’t need to necessarily make a better product. You just need to learn how to make your reader or prospect perceive that they’re getting a lot for their money. Our goal is to make the reader or prospect feel like they’re getting something so valuable, they simply couldn’t live without it. How do you do this? Simple, it’s all about how you describe your products and how you present them on your website. With the right description and presentation, you’ll always be able to command a huge mark-up with huge price tags. Once you understand this principle, you’ll not only be making a huge profit from your high priced products like we do, but you’ll even have your customers coming back for more high priced products later on.

Another ingredient to this system that you must always remember is this: The cost of manufacturing your product has nothing to do with the value your product has in the eyes of your customers. So in other words, just because you manage to create an information product for only $19 doesn’t mean you can’t get $500.00 or even $700.00 for it. And just because you can make your product for only $19 doesn’t mean it’s not worth $500 to $700. You must understand that your product is worth exactly what you tell your customers it’s worth. You must also understand that your customers out there looking for a solution will let you know EXACTLY how you should price your product! It’s ultimately up to you though because you can make 5 sales of a product at $500 per order which would be $2500 or you could try to sell 250 copies of your product at $10. Which one do you think would be harder to accomplish? Our test have shown that it’s easier to sell a few copies at a higher price than hundreds of copies at a low price.

You’re the one in charge and you’re the one who creates the perceived “High Priced” value. You don’t negotiate that price because you know that your product is worth every penny! In fact, you even tell your prospects and customers that your product is easily worth 4 times that much money, but that you realize not everyone has two thousand dollars on them, so that’s why you’ve discounted it to a much lesser price of $500.00 They’ll actually think you’re doing them a favor. And that’s all part of what makes this whole system work so perfectly.

I stress this fact because many people who start a business think that if a product only costs them $19 to produce, then it should be sold for about $29.95 at most. This is a mistake that almost all new business people make. One of the biggest mistakes new business people make is failing to charge the maximum amount that their customers will pay. By definition, the maximum amount your average customer is willing to pay becomes the going market value of your product. So don’t make that big mistake of failing to realize that you need to always be charging the most money you can get. In fact, one technique I use to establish prices for my new information products is to start out at a price my prospects refuse to pay and then slowly lower the price in small increments until my prospects start paying. As soon as they start showing a serious interest and buying from me at that new lower price, I know I’ve got my price.
So just remember, if you plan to be a successful business person, you owe it to your business to charge the maximum prices your prospects will pay. Hey, we didn’t make the rules, but you’re going to like them.

This fantastic business rule allows me to operate my business at a 20 times mark-up. If it costs me $20 to produce a product, I sell it for over $400. All this extraordinary profit is what allows me to pay for all my advertising and still have a boatload of cash left over for myself at the end of the day. With all this extra profit I make, I can even afford to buy bigger and more expensive ads than the average home business. I always have plenty of profit left over for me. Even when I buy expensive ads.

I could write a whole book about why it’s so important to sell a “High Priced”, “High Mark-Up” info product, but you’d still be tempted to argue with me because what I’m telling you goes against what you’ve been told your whole life. In fact, you’ve probably already seen many other businesses that typically don’t mark up their products more than 50%. You’ve probably witnessed products being purchased at $5 and being sold for $10 and I know this almost seems like the standard. But it’s not. Even though you may think this is the way things should be, you’ll never make any serious income if you follow that old-fashioned way of doing business.

Many business opportunities will lie to you and tell you that you can make great money by selling products at a 50% mark-up. Heck I still see new opportunities popping up all over the internet that tell their affiliates to mark their products up 5% – 10%. Many affiliate programs only pay their affiliates 5% – 10% in commissions. Even when they let you do a 50% mark-up, you’re never going to make any serious money doing that.

Remember, using this system you’re now reading, I mark up products as much as two thousand percent and I get it every time! And you will too! When you give people products or information that have real value, they don’t care what your profit margin is.

If you’re like a lot of people, you think you can make serious money by selling tons of low-cost products at small mark-ups. That might be true if you owned a Walmart store, and were marketing to the entire country. But in the world of niche online businesses, you’re not dealing with the masses like that and there’s hundreds of reasons you don’t want to. The main one being this: “If you try to compete with Walmart you will lose. You can’t compete against their prices.”
A good rule of thumb is this: “If you can find a product at Walmart, K-Mart, or Target, then you definitely shouldn’t be trying to sell that product on your website.” You should always keep your focus on selling to small niche groups or audiences.

Remember, when you’re dealing with a niche, you’re dealing with the exact opposite of a Walmart and you’ll have almost no competition. When you focus on selling to a niche, you’re dealing with a fairly small group of people that are willing to pay top dollar for a specialized item that’s in their niche. You’re never going to sell thousands of units in a day with this business, but that’s ok because you don’t need to. I can live very comfortable by selling just 2 information products a day. If I’m selling just 2 of my info-products a day, I’m making almost $1,000.00 pure profit a day. Not bad for making just 2 simple sales! And if I have a good day and sell 5 of my info-products in a day, that means I just took in over $2,000.00 in a single day! Don’t be shocked or surprised because 5 sales a day has become a regular occurrence. Just lately, I’m beginning to get up to 9 orders in a single day! Yes, a $3,000.00 day is no longer difficult to achieve. It’s going to be just as easy for you eventually if you work hard at this.

Many new internet entrepreneurs think they’ll make even more money if they offer their information products at a lower price. Instead of charging $500 for their info product, they figure they’ll get a lot more sales if they only charge $100. But this just isn’t the case. Let me tell you about one of the strangest, most bizarre phenomenon that exists in marketing info-products. There have been many days where I sell more of my $6920.00 product than my $1970.00 product. Yeah, go figure. I know that must sound impossible to you hearing that for the very first time. I wouldn’t have ever believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes. I know it sounds crazy but it’s absolutely true that I often sell more copies of my $6920.00 product than my $1970.00 product.
Past experiments have revealed that even when it’s the exact same course, more sales tend to come in at the higher price. I believe the reason is that people think your info-product is junk when you sell it cheap. On the other hand, when you charge a hefty price tag, your prospects assume you’ve got the good stuff! You obviously need to backup your price by making sure your product has great information in it as well.

We may never know exactly why people respond this way when it comes to the pricing of “Info Products.” But I’ve done the research and it proves you’re going to make even more money selling “Info Products”, software, or physical products through eCommerce than you originally might have thought.

And remember this: It takes just about the same time and effort to sell a $1970.00 product as it does to sell a $6920.00 product. That’s why being involved in a “High Mark-up” business is the only way to go. This is the only business I’ve ever seen where people are actually wacky enough to have more interest in your product when you charge bigger prices. Of course, one could argue that I do give a lot more material in my $6920.00 package than in my $1970.00 package. But I’ve even done some testing where I offered the $1970.00 package for $6920.00 and I still sold more at the $6920.00 price.

You’ll never find a better product than a “Published-on-demand, How-To, Information Product that you created for a specific niche!

Why is this type of product so perfect in all ways?
Simple, a published-on-demand product is so attractive because you get to keep all your money out of inventory so you never end up wasting your money on products that sit in your garage gathering dust. This way, you’re always able to keep focused on selling products and making money rather than warehousing and storage. You literally don’t have to store anything. You can publish on demand as the sales are made!

And a “How-To” product is all the more perfect because it’s just a fact that “How-To Information” has out-sold all other product categories throughout history. Yes, there’s a never ending supply of people that want to know how to do something interesting or profitable. When you can show others how to eliminate their pain and gain more pleasure, people will always pay you top dollar to find out “HOW.” Just look around at all the book stores or turn on your T.V. and you’ll see that information is being advertised and sold. Open up your favorite magazine and once again, you’ll find people selling information somewhere in that magazine. The reason you continue to see all this information for sale is because it’s a proven “Best Seller.”

The other reason selling information works so well is because the cost it takes to make an information product has absolutely nothing to do with how much value the customer places on the product. Take a look at any other type of product, for instance a hair brush. It doesn’t matter how much better your hair brush is than all the other hair brushes on the market. People already have a price in their head for what hair brushes should usually be worth. So even though you may have put 10 years of research, design, and development into creating your new and improved hair brush, you’ll never be able to get $100.00 for that hair brush. The first person who saw your hair brush for sale would say HEY! I know it doesn’t cost more than a buck for a company to produce and make that brush! Where do you get off asking a hundred dollars?”
But all the rules change with “Information Products.” Because the value is in the information you provide and not in the cost of the paper or the ink. The perceived value the customer has for the product comes purely from how much of their pain you can alleviate and how much pleasure you’ll help them gain. And you convince them of all this using your ads. I can show you how to do this later because that’s another important part of making this whole thing come together.
If your info-product was specially written for the “How to make more money” or “Opportunity Seeker” niche like mine is, it’s inherently more valuable. Why? Simply because that particular “How-To” info-product can make you and your reader an endless income that continues to make you both a solid income. So that type of info-product automatically has more value built right into it. Yes, if you follow the instructions in this book you’re reading right now, it could support you for the rest of your life. I can’t stress that fact enough. This type of product can give anybody financial freedom for the rest of their life! That’s why this niche pays even higher prices than most of the other niches out there.

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I think I’ve given you a great understanding of how this business system works and how I make my living with it. You could easily take the knowledge I’ve given you so far and start an internet business just like mine. Keep in mind, after I finished writing this book, I’ve been very busy creating more helpful informational products. Yes, I’ve done even more to perfect many aspects of this business such as creating products, coming up with ads, sales letters, email-auto-responders, search engine placement, SEO, back-ending, front ending, cross-selling, website design, etc. I’ve spent $93,735.00 in testing and research in order to make this system work even better than when I started. And now that it’s all done, you can take advantage of all that money and time I spent making this system work even better. You’ll never have to spend even close to what I spent because it’s all been done for you. I’ll even give you a complete copy of my website! Yes, you’ll get a free copy of the exact website that got you to buy this book! Yes, you are actually going to get a copy of my best selling sales video to use. That’s a proven website that pulls in more orders than you can imagine. Plus you now own the royalty rights to this book! Yes, you can now sell this book you’re reading right now and keep 100% of your profits! You own all of this! But you’re about to be offered something even better that can bring your money right to your door step. I’m going to give you the chance to get everything I have.

Originally I never even planned on revealing my system to the public. At first I thought I’d just keep this all to myself as “My Secret Cash System.” But after bringing in my first 2.4 million dollars, people started coming to me and asking if I’d show them the inside secrets to this business system. I could quickly see there’s serious money in teaching others so I agreed to help several of them but my price wasn’t cheap! Those first few people paid me $9940.00 to show them every tiny detail of what makes this system run as smooth as a clock!

These people basically paid me for the same type of information they would have got if they bought a business franchise. But in a franchise you’d pay at least $65,000.00 to learn the exact same stuff. I know some franchise owners that have paid much more than that.

I’ve given a great deal of thought to how I should make all this material available to you and what I should charge for it. When I hand you all the material that I’ve charged as much as $9940.00 for, you’ll have every last secret and all the time saving, money-making tips that make this thing all come together. You’ll see examples of my most successful sales letters. I’ll show you step-by-step, how to write the kind of headlines that bring thousands of readers right to your website. You’ll find out my most carefully guarded and confidential places I advertise. You’ll know how to create your own “Paper and ink” info-product in as little as 15 minutes. But that’s just the beginning! You’ll know every last detailed secret from deep inside my business.

For obvious reasons, I’m not about to give all that up for nickels and dimes. As you may already know, I’m accustomed to being very well paid for my knowledge and advice. So I’m going to charge you a solid price, but I promise you it will be much less than the $93,735.00 I spent figuring this whole thing out on my own. And I promise you won’t have to go through the painful struggle I went through to make this whole thing finally pay off. I promise you’ll never have to deal with the frustration it took to find all the pieces necessary to make this system work. Your cost will even be less than the $42,450.00 I had to pay for all the business seminars, internet marketing classes and courses that taught me the key ingredients to this system.

Let me tell you a little bit about the materials, mentoring, and marketing systems I’ve put together for you to exploit from the comfort of your own home, but before I tell you, fill out the form below to see if you can qualify to work with us.

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