Chapter 3

How to make a serious income on the net starting with less than $150

Lead Generation Marketing

This is yet another critical ingredient that is responsible for making this system all come together for you. But what’s the definition of the term “Lead Generation Marketing?” Well it simply means that you’re never trying to sell anything directly from one of your ads. Lead Generation Marketing means you’re not listing features and benefits in your ad to get the prospect excited enough to get his/her wallet out. With Lead Generation Marketing, you’re not even trying to describe the product in your ads at all. No, at this point, you don’t want money, you just want to get the reader as curious as possible.

There’s only one reason to use Lead Generation Marketing and as the name implies, that’s to get people to email you, call you, or fill out an online form that gives you their contact info. Your objective is to simply get as many people as possible to stand up and come forward, telling you they’re interested in what you’ve said so far. With this kind of advertising, you’re basically using a strong headline to make the reader curious enough to request the free details or free report you offer in the ad. The people who respond to these types of ads are called your “Leads.” But I’m sure you already knew that much.

When you’re paying for an ad, you’re usually very limited on space. With the average paid ad, you’ve only got enough space to display your headline, a sub-headline, a couple intriguing statements and some sort of directions telling the reader what you’d like them to do next. See below for an example of a typical ad:


Why Your Day Job Might Not Be Sending Your Next Check! …And what you can do to protect yourself now!

A typical day job offers you zero long-term financial security. I’d like to show you something that puts you in control and puts YOU in front of the money!

For complete details visit my website at:


The above example is acceptable because I’m not trying to sell the reader anything yet. I’m simply getting the reader excited, curious, and motivated to take the action of visiting my website. Notice how I’m just asking the reader to take one step. I’m only asking the reader to do one little thing.

Now, I’ll use the same version of the ad above but change it to show you why it’s a bad idea to ask the reader for too much in the beginning.


Why Your Day Job Might Not Be Sending Your Next Check! …And what you can do to protect yourself now!

My money-making plan can make you up to $25 for every Sale you make. It’s easy, just sell my ultra-vitamins. Everybody Needs vitamins. Right? Of course, so sign up now by calling My toll free order line at 800-000-0000. It’s only $99 if you join Today and your membership lasts for a 1 full year!


You can see in the example above that I’m asking the reader to do too much. Not only am I asking the reader to do too much, but I’m asking them to do it too quick. I’m asking them to commit their money way too soon. Advertisements can be compared to dating in one way. If you come on too strong, too quick, it’s a turn-off, and most people walk away.

The main process of “Lead Generation Marketing” is to separate people that are interested from those who are not. This technique works right from the beginning to weed out people that would otherwise end up wasting your time. This allows you to focus all of your energy and efforts on the people that may actually buy something from you. This pre-screening process helps you to avoid the prospects that would end up just wasting your time and never buy anything from you.

This is how I get such a high sales to ad ratio(conversion rate.) I have a conversion rate of up to 17% which is practically unheard of in internet marketing. Most internet marketers can only get a .05% to 1% response from an ad at best. But I’m about to show you how to achieve the same unheard of results I’ve been getting regularly. This highly efficient way of advertising allows you to leverage a tiny amount of advertising cost while achieving the results of the big time, professional marketers. So a little budget can get you big whopping results and you’re about to find out how I do it as you read below.

The “Lead Generation” technique is simply a method of offering your niche market something free. Make sure the item you’re offering them for free is something with high perceived value to your niche market. Even if it’s just a 2 page report that cost you nothing to send to the people who respond to your ad, it can still have a high perceived value. To create this high perception of value in your free give-away, you simply need to know what your niche market craves the most. Remember I talked about this several pages back in this book? If you need a refresher on how to understand the pains, frustrations, needs, wants, and pleasures of your niche market, re-read that section.

Now it’s important you understand that the free report you’ll be sending to the people who respond to your ad is actually just a sales letter in disguise.(keep in mind, you do need to actually provide the real content and info you promised.) But you basically add a semi-hidden sales letter into your free content. You don’t want your report to look like a sales letter because then your prospect will just throw it away. No, the secret is to make your free report look like it’s mostly high quality information designed to help the reader out, but toward the end of your free report, you weave a subtle sales message into it. If you over-do this sales portion too much, or if you’re too obvious about what you’re up to, you’ll lose your prospect and they’ll never become your customer. So you must walk a fine line between giving your prospect some good information and selling them all at once within your free report. That’s what makes your “Lead Generation” so effective and efficient.

Below is a quick example of a lead generation ad that targets the niche of “duck hunters.”

A WARNING to Duck Hunters!
Find out the truth about a dangerously effective duck hunting technique that may affect your next hunting trip. Find out what you need to know to protect yourself and how to comply with the law. To get a copy of this powerful FREE REPORT, called “Warning to Duck Hunters”, send an email to Or visit my website at

Looking at the ad above you can see this could be a classified ad in the back of a hunting magazine, or it could be part of a search engine listing, or it would be perfect in an online ezine about duck hunting.

Keep in mind, this is not some un-tested theory. No, there are literally thousands of people around the world using this same proven technique right now as you read this. Look around at all the ads you see and you’ll start to notice a good percentage of them are small ads like the one above and they offer some sort of freebie. All marketers offer a free item for one reason and one reason alone. That’s to capture your name, email address, phone number, or physical address so they can sell to you later. Another reason you give away something with high perceived value is so that the people you give it away to will recognize you later and respect you when you send them your sales materials. Smart marketers know that if you develop some sort of relationship with a prospect before you try to sell them something, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the sale later. Giving your prospect something they really want for free is about the best way to establish a relationship and gain their trust and respect. This especially works to gain their respect and trust if the freebie actually helps them in some way (helps them avoid pain or gain pleasure.)

My First Ads Were Cheap Classified Ads and You Can Write Them Too!

I got my start using some magazines and online ezines that were focused on my niche. I’ve paid as little as $28 for a classified ad that brought me a return of $750.00 that same month. I also started out using cheap pay per click listings in which at that time was called I used the keyword suggestion tool on to find almost a hundred keywords that my target niche typically searched for on search engines. I paid about 5 cents a click back then. These days Overture has a minimum click fee of 10 cents but it’s still a bargain if you find the right keywords, terms, or phrases to bid on.

Also, it’s a good idea for you to understand the opposite of lead generation advertising. As we mentioned above, when you try to close a sale or ask for a sale right there inside your ad, you’re doing what is called “One Step” advertising. This method doesn’t work very well and I’d avoid it at all costs. It may look easier, but you’ll just have to trust me and all my years of testing when we tell you that it’s non-effective.

We’re trying to teach you the easiest, lowest risk, way to start up the same type of business I’ve got going.

Knowing the secret of exactly where to advertise

The reason this is a secret is because 95% of all internet marketers are failing. The reason they’re all failing is because they’re all advertising in the wrong places. The reason I say they’re all advertising in the wrong places is because they’re not targeting their niche closely enough. Or in some cases they’re not reaching their niche at all. In even worse cases they don’t have a niche. But let’s talk about all the internet marketers that aren’t reaching their niche.

Right now the average internet marketer is paying for clicks at places like, Google Ad Words, and many other pay-per-click companies. There’s nothing wrong with these pay-per-click companies. They can be one of the best places to advertise if you know how to use them right.

How are all these people using pay-per-click wrong? The 95% of failing internet marketers are paying for broad clicks that get clicks from the entire mass audience. A typical failing internet marketer is bidding on terms and keywords such as “Business Opportunities”, “Make Money”, “Internet Marketing”, “MLM”, “online sales”, “internet shopping”, “internet mall”, “discount products”, “health”, etc. The marketers using keywords in the example above are failing.

Then there’s a group of smarter people that aren’t failing quite as bad as the group of failures I talked about above. They’re getting slightly better results by using keywords such as “Books”, “DVD”, “Fishing”, “Real estate”, “Work at home”, “Internet business”, “Insurance”, “Mortgage”, “Golf”, “Vitamins”, “Healthy Diet”, “Cosmetics” etc. The reason this group of people are doing a little better is because they’re getting a bit more specific about the keywords they’re choosing. By targeting a less broad audience, they’re actually paying less for their advertising and getting more sales per click than someone using keywords that appeal to the masses.

Now let’s talk about the most exciting group of people that actually understand the power of using very specific keywords that appeal strictly to the people in their niche market. These successful marketers are using very carefully chosen keywords such as “Trout fishing books”, “trout fishing lures”, “Work-out DVD”, “Exercise DVD”, “Video dance lessons”, “Work out video”, “Southern California real estate”, “Florida homes for sale”, “Part time work at home”, “Car Insurance”, “Home Mortgage”, “Discount golf clubs”, “Complete Vitamin supplement”, “MLM Vitamin”, “Low fat diet”, “Low carb diet”, “Clearance Cosmetics”, “Avon Make up”, “Mary Kay Make-up”, “Mary Kay Lip stick”, “Avon eye shadow”, etc. As you can see, the successful group of marketers that use keywords like the examples above know how to target their niche group. By using much more specific keywords, they know and understand that less non-interested people will type those keywords into the search engines. They know the mass, broad audience will never even think to type those keywords into a search engine. And this is important because that means you won’t be paying for a bunch of wasted clicks from people that typed your keyword in by mistake.

Being very specific and targeting your niche keywords carefully, you’ll be able to easily and effectively reach your target, niche audience that you’re after. And you’ll be able to reach them for less money than your competitors who don’t have this information or knowledge.

Plus you can take this whole principle offline and use the same technique to advertise in specialized magazines with lower circulation, which means lower ad prices and a more responsive niche audience. You’ll find most of the offline marketers have made their fortunes by ignoring the major publications like USA Today, Cosmopolitan, and the National Enquirer. Sure these, magazines have the largest audience but that’s because their audience is the “Mass Audience” or “Broad Audience.” And it’s because of this huge audience of readers that these types of ads in major publications cost so much. But when you advertise in those publications, you’re always paying to reach hundreds of thousands of readers that won’t even be interested in your product or ad. So your tiny ad just ends up being like a needle in a hay stack inside these large publications.

Like we mentioned earlier, most successful marketers completely ignore that type of advertising and instead focus their efforts on small magazines and newspapers that go out to small niche groups of people. These smaller, industry specific or hobby specific type publications cost less to advertise in and their readers never miss an issue. Heck, their readers rarely miss a word! The readers of this type of publication pay such close attention because these publications are written specifically for them. These publications speak directly to them in their own language. Literally! These types of people that buy and read these small, industry/hobby specific newsletters, magazines, and newspapers, are the most responsive crowd you’ll ever find in the world of marketing.

For instance, did you realize that there’s a specific monthly magazine written just for plumbers? If you, me, or anybody wants to start up a business that caters to plumbers, we can simply do this: A person could take the time to find out about the biggest problems, irritations, frustrations, and pains of plumbers and then any one of us can create a solution to help plumbers and sell that solution. You just get that solution down on paper and start selling it. Preferably, you’d want to create an information product like a course for plumbers. Generally, since most of us know nothing about plumbing, we’d call up a few plumbers and ask if they’d like to make some extra money. They’re all likely to say yes. Then you just have them write down the solutions to some of the major problems that most plumbers have, and you make an agreement to split all the profits with them.

In the case above, you’re not even a plumber and you probably don’t even know anything about plumbing, yet you’re now making a serious income by selling a product to plumbers. And you didn’t even have to create the product! Just by contacting a few plumbers and asking them if they’d like to make a deal, you’re now making money from the knowledge of a professional plumber.

Now you can bet you’ll make money if you take the course that the plumber just wrote for you and put an ad for it in the back of a monthly magazine for plumbers. Yes, since you’re advertising in a plumbing magazine, 100% of the readers could use your product since they’re all plumbers!

Imagine being a plumber and seeing an ad like this one below in the back of your monthly plumbing magazine:

Attention Plumbers! Find out how you’re hands will instantly be clean enough to eat your lunch! Even after working on a filthy toilet!

Or just imagine how much response an ad like this one below would get if you put it in a plumbing magazine:

Wanted: Plumbers who own a van or a truck! I can show any plumber how to make an extra $7,534.00 a month! Your truck or van will do all the work! For my FREE REPORT called “Filthy Plumbers Get Rich” call 800-000-0000 or visit my website at: www

But plumbers are just one example out of 50,000 different industries, hobbies, and professions. As you were reading that last section on how you could sell information to plumbers, you were probably thinking “I’m not interested in plumbing and I don’t want to sell anything to plumbers!” You don’t have to. You can pick any niche, hobby, or industry you’re interested in. I hope you understand that I’m not telling you to get into the plumbing business. I just picked the first industry that came to my mind, which was plumbing, and I used that as an example for you. I could have made the same example using musicians, electricians, golfers, tree trimmers, painters, tennis players, roofers, horseback riders, skiers, programmers, realtors, mortgage brokers, restaurant owners, or just about any hobby, profession, industry, or subject you can come up with. There’s an endless supply of different types of “How-To” information you can produce to sell. Think of all the different things that exist in this word. Just look around the room you’re sitting in right now and notice that for every material item your eye sees, there’s an “Info Product” that could be written about how to help people with it.

If you’re interested in marketing to the business opportunity seeker niche or get-rich-quick niche, you can take out an ad in Entrepreneur magazine, Small business start-ups, or any Home Business magazine similar to this one below:

Here’s a sample ad that I ran. This ad below got a huge response and brought me a substantial income for several months in a row:

“Millionaire Retires and gives his multi-million dollar business formula to you” You’ll even get a copy of his million dollar website just for visiting or calling 626-737-1273. Only the first 50 people to call or visit the website will be accepted.

I know that ad makes a ton of money in the classified section of business opportunity magazines and home business magazines. How do I know for sure? Because I’ve personally run that ad in those types of magazines and I’ve made a long lasting income doing it!

But on the other hand if you were at a friends house and saw a copy of “Parrot Breeders Monthly” sitting on the coffee table, you’d probably have no desire to pick it up. But if you took that magazine and set it on the doorstep of someone who breeds parrots, I guarantee they’d read it cover to cover without skipping a word.

Now just imagine what kind of response you’d get if you placed an ad in that parrot breeder magazine that said: “Famous parrot breeder reveals the secret to teaching any parrot to do 7 amazing tricks in 7 days. For FREE REPORT visit my website at www.

Anyway, I think you’re starting to get the idea here. And keep in mind, although I have several different businesses that I run, you may not be sure exactly what my “Information Product” even is yet. In case you missed it up above, the niche market I chose to sell “Info Products” to is the get-rich-quick and business opportunity seeker niche. I chose that niche because it just happens to be one my favorites. It’s a niche that excites me!

So ultimately I sell books and courses that teach people the inside secrets to the world of business opportunities and money-making-systems. So it makes sense that the magazines I choose to advertise my “Info Products” in are “Entrepreneur Magazine”, “Small Business Start-Up Magazine”, and any other home business magazine I can get my hands on. And don’t forget about all the online advertising I do at,,,, etc. Plus there’s a few online magazines(ezines) I advertise in as well.

There are literally thousands of different niches and each one has it’s own magazines, newsletters, websites, search engines, news groups, ezines etc. These hidden niches are one of the key ingredients to becoming wealthy on the net.

What Kind Of Life-Style Do You Want?

Another huge secret I need to let you in on is one of the most critical aspects that makes this whole system come together. But before we get into that secret, I want you to know exactly how your money is going to come to you and some details of how this business system will work for you.

It will help if you understand this system is more than just a business. It’s actually a whole lifestyle. Yah, that’s right! This system can give you a whole new lifestyle!

Obviously this system isn’t the only thing out there for me or you. I mean I could make a large income doing any number of other things. But those other things involve difficult, stressful, back breaking, frustrating, unsatisfying, non-rewarding, mental and physical labor. At one time, I made a good income running several marketing websites back in the late 90s. But that was stressful work that involved up to 12 hours a day sitting at my computer with sore eyes and aching fingers. So I’ve realized that I don’t want to make a bunch of money if it means I’m going to have no life! I don’t want to make tons of cash if it means I’m going to be feeling miserable. I now realize that I’ve always wanted much more than just a fantastic income. It’s important for me to have a relaxing, stress-free, lifestyle too! Isn’t that what you want for yourself?

You’d probably agree that a comfortable lifestyle is equally important to you. This system can help deliver the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. Using this system, you can live way out in the country with plenty of green trees and clear streams…You could live in a tropical coastal area of Hawaii, or smack dab in the middle of the big city where all the action is! It’s your choice.

Let me quickly give you an example of how this system runs my business for me and why that makes it really easy for me to live the “Perfect Lifestyle.”

The Main Ways You’ll Be Taking In Your Money

Let’s go over the main ways that you’ll be getting sales in your new business. The first way your customers will find your website is through the lead generation marketing techniques we discussed above. Prospects will see your ads and click directly to your own website. Your website will teach these new visitors to your website some valuable information that they’ve been looking for. You’ll have informative reading material on your website that specifically relates to your visitors niche area of interest.

You’re prospects(visitors) will be very grateful for all the free information you gave them and this is going to cause your prospects to have great respect for you. They will also trust you. After reading the powerful free information on your site, your visitors will trust you immensely. Everyone that finds your material will view you as an expert of your industry or niche and they will explore the rest of your website. Directly below your free, educational, helpful, advice and reading material(which will account for the majority of your website), you’re sales material will be the next thing that catches their eye. But your sales letter will not scare them away or cause the natural advertising defenses of your readers to pop-up because your sales letter will start out looking like more helpful, free advice. But as your prospect continues reading, you’ll slowly and subtly be recommending a product or service. But what you’ll really be doing is selling them a product or service and they won’t even realize it because by now they have great respect for you and they already trust you at this point.

Plus you’re not doing anything unethical, immoral, or wrong. You’re not going to be selling them garbage. No, you’re going to be suggesting they purchase a valuable information product from you that will make their life much better. Your information product will promise to take away some of their pain, frustration, and irritation. Your product or service will give them more pleasure and help them enjoy life more.

Lastly, you’re going to explain why your product is really worth hundreds of dollars. Then you’ll tell them about the good news and how they’re going to get your product for much less than the hundreds of dollars it’s worth.

That’s when your website will ask them to click on the “Order” button on your website. You must never forget to actually tell your reader to click on that “Order” button. This is called asking for the sale or closing the sale and it’s critical to your success. Never assume that your readers will instinctively or automatically know where your order button is. Never assume they’ll click on it either. Give your readers the clear instruction of what you’d like them to do. Just go ahead and tell your readers what to do or else many of them won’t do anything other than leave your website. I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true.

After your reader or prospect clicks on your “Order” button, you’re website will automatically process that order using a service such as, pay pal, storm pay, etc. The list of companies that will allow you to accept credit cards is long, but I can tell you that my favorite is Why? will allow you to accept credit card payments from your customers and they give you a built in shopping cart. Plus 2checkout doesn’t charge a monthly service fee. will automatically charge your customers credit cards and deposit that money directly into your existing checking or savings account.

So you can see how you’re really doing very little or in some cases zero work while all this money is being deposited right into your bank account!

It does take some time to set this all up in the beginning but now I’ve got everything on auto-pilot and it’s just a massive cash machine at this point. I can easily help you get set up too! It’s easy enough for you to handle on your own, but it will be even easier having someone like myself, who’s already done it to assist you.

You’re going to love what computer automation can do for you and what it’s about to do for you. Thanks to computer automation, I don’t work much anymore and I get paid better than most doctors or lawyers! I said it before and I’ll say it again. This is a lifestyle business! It can make your dreams come true and give you any lifestyle you want.

At this point in the book, you’re probably wondering what exactly do I do during the day since I do very little work. Well…my wife, friends, and neighbors would probably tell you “He flies airplanes all day.”

Yah, I’ve got this little hobby of mine where I fly model gas airplanes at a miniature airport down the street. It’s really my favorite thing to do with my free time. I build planes at home and when they’re finished, I take em out and fly them with all my buddies down at the micro-airport. But I have lots of other hobbies too. I love to plan vacations. Of course going on the vacation is even better than planning it. I also just like to relax around the house and play with my kids. My boy Alex likes to go fishing a lot and I sure don’t mind taking him to all the beautiful lakes and streams that run through the mountains in this area. There’s plenty more that I enjoy, but I’m sure I’d bore you to death with all the details of my leisure time.

But it’s not all play either. There are actually parts of my internet business that are equally enjoyable as all those fun things I talked about above. Some people think I’m a little odd, but I actually enjoy writing new headlines for my ads. Writing and testing new ads is one of the most interesting parts of this system. I also like coming up with new product ideas for the future. “Information Products” are so easy to develop and produce that my mind is always brainstorming new ones. The reason I’m telling you this is because when it comes to my business, there’s nothing I don’t like doing. Sure there were a few things that I didn’t like about running an internet business. But these days I farm the stuff I don’t like doing out to other companies that offer services to take care of that stuff. There are thousands of individuals on the internet looking for extra work so it’s really easy and inexpensive to get other people to do anything you don’t like doing. So I sometimes contract odd jobs out to other people to have them done for me. I’ve never hired an employee and there are many reasons why I don’t recommend ever hiring employees, but for now just take my word for it. DON’T HIRE EMPLOYEES! Instead of hiring a person to help me, I just sub-contract everything out. That way you have zero employees and that’s a good thing. When you’re just starting out, you won’t need much help from other people anyway. It’s only after your internet business starts growing that you might need an extra hand.

What I really love about this business is the fact that I don’t take orders from anyone. I have no boss, and I answer to no one. I’m the boss around here and it’s been a great life this way. Thanks to this business, I don’t owe any money and I don’t have to deal with any irritating people in my life. Because I call all the shots. If I don’t like someone, I just eliminate them from my life or business life. Another thing I like is the fact that I don’t have to dress up. I never deal with anybody in person while running my business, so there’s no need to impress anybody with fancy clothes. Plus there’s no work schedule that demands for me to be anywhere at certain times of the day. I can leave my home office anytime I want for any reason I want. If it’s noon on a nice sunny Monday, I just might decide to go play golf. Or take my boy Alex fishing down at the lake. Or it might be Wednesday morning and I might just decide to take my daughter Olivia down to feed the ducks at the park(she loves feeding the ducks.) Or I can just sleep in til noon if I want and bee a lazy bum.

Most people have to give up the majority of their time in life to their J.O.B. It’s a simple trade. Most people are busy trading in their precious lives so they can make the money it takes to live their lives. I feel very blessed that the internet business system I use has allowed me to keep all my time for myself. I haven’t given up many hours of my life to a J.O.B. and this system offers me the security so that I never will. My time is my time. It’s not too late for you to stop giving up so many of the limited hours life gives you.

Then there’s the other people that get into some sort of business of their own and realize that they’ve gone from bad to worse. Why? Because they end up being a slave to their business and they never have a spare minute to themselves. Sure, they make great money and they technically don’t have a J.O.B. Or do they? I think they do. They might as well have a job because they’re not getting any of the stress free, relaxing, freedom benefits that having your own business is supposed to give you. One of my favorite mentors said it best when he said “They don’t own their businesses. Their business owns them!”

These people end up putting in more hours and enduring more stress for just a little more money than they were making with their J.O.B. I’m so glad I’ve been blessed with a business system where I haven’t had to deal with any of that.

Unfortunately most people didn’t have the proper type of information like you have here when they got started. They usually get into all kinds of problems with debt and they just keep putting money into their business rather than being able to take it out.

Most people starting a business know about a widely accepted guideline that says “When starting a new business, expect to go three to five years before taking and using any of your profits. Well, that’s usually true. Even in my case, I ended up spending a bundle of cash just on the learning process before my system became highly profitable. Fortunately I had a large amount of funds available on my credit cards. But the only reason I had to spend so much and go through so much headache and hassle to get started was because my system hadn’t been perfected back then. As soon as it was completely put together, I made around $12,500 and kept most of that money in profits the very first month I put this new system to use.

And for you it’s ten times easier! You get the benefit of starting with my completed and perfected system which means you can look for serious profits within one to three months instead of three years like most new businesses.

By the end of this book, I’m going to offer you the opportunity to have me take you by the hand and walk you step by step through the beginning of your own internet business. You’ll be able to have plenty of question and answer time with me personally until you have no more questions about how this system is going to work for you. And unlike all the other business opportunities, you’ll find that I offer you more than just an excellent income opportunity. Yes, you’ll also see first-hand, why I’m able to offer you the perfect lifestyle opportunity!

What Makes Publishing On Demand So Profitable and Exciting!

A regular book publisher or a corporate level producer of “Information Products” usually prints at least 10,000 copies just to start off. Then that book publisher or corporate level producer stores them in a warehouse while waiting to sell them. There’s a lot a risk doing it that way. That publisher is generally risking at least $40,000 to $60,000 just on one product before a single sale has ever been made. I wouldn’t touch that business system with a ten foot pole! That’s just plain risky!

Not me! No, I like to print my first copy only after there’s been a sale and it’s paid for. This is the newest, latest and greatest business of “Publishing On Demand.” Simply put, you don’t create the product until you’ve already been paid! Now that’s the way it should be.

With the help of home computers, word processing software, and high speed copying at 24 hour copy centers like Kinkos, it’s become simple to reproduce your own “Info-Product” within minutes.

Not only is it simple to create your own “Information Products” these days, but it’s also cheaper than ever! I have some “Information Products” that only cost me 25 cents to create! I sell them for $19.95! Now take a close look at that profit and tell me there’s a better way to make money! This system works as easy as “Printing Money” and it’s a heck of a lot easier!

Here’s how easy this can be. If you don’t feel like making an info-product of your own, you don’t even need to. When you bought this book, it came with ownership rights. That means this book is now one of your own products. Plus I have some other higher paying products that I can sell you the rights to. You may wish to purchase an ownership license to one of those. An ownership license allows you to sell my products and keep 100% of your profits. I’ll tell you more about the other products in the next few pages.

But maybe you like writing and have no need to sell my info-products. If you like writing, you can type up 100 pages or less on any topic you like or have someone else type it up for you. Now you’ve got your information on disc. Next, an order comes in so you go down to Kinkos and give the person at the counter the disc and in a few minutes you’ve got the meat of your product. Now, just put it in a 3 ring binder, slip the cover page in the front of the binder so it has that professional look, and ship it out. It’s that easy! You’ll see exactly how quick and easy a product can be if you ever buy one of my other info-products. No inventory and no money tied up! This is one of the main ingredients to my success.

I know you may be thinking that you couldn’t get much money for a course or book that comes in a 3 ring binder. Not true! Since it’s called a course, all the rules change. People expect a course to come in a 3 ring binder. Especially if you include 8 audio discs like I do in my Deluxe course. If you saw my course, you’d understand exactly how to make a course look like professional, first-class material. I have a course that I sell for $692.00 and I sell up to 11 of them in a single day! So don’t think for a second that your info-product has to look like a book from a book store. In fact, you don’t want your info-product to look like a book from a book store. If your info-product looked like a book then you could only charge as much as books sell for at the store. Since your info-product looks different than a book, you can charge a lot more than you can for a book. My course is worth it because it actually contains much more information that you can fit in a book. Plus I include ten audio discs inside my Deluxe course.

The reason you can get so much money is because of specialized markets!

I also keep serious profits coming in by only advertising my information products to carefully selected niche markets that are sometimes referred to as “specialized markets.” The people in these niche markets will gladly pay high prices for specialized “How-To” information. The people in these various niches will gladly pay you the same high prices again and again for years to come.

The main product I sell is a membership course that comes in a 3 ring binder (right now we sell it as an online membership) and contains close to 200 video wealth blueprints. Each wealth blueprint show’s me (Flo) setting up systems step by step that help me make more sales, get more traffic, and run a more efficient business.

But the point is this: That entire product only costs me about $51.00 to put together. And I sell them all day long for $692.00. Now that’s not bad! That’s a profit of $641.00 in our pocket every time someone places an order for my Deluxe membership course! I also sell a more basic version of that course for only $197.00. I offer that basic version because some people just can’t afford $692.00 for the big course. I sell plenty of my $197.00 course each day as well.

Now there are a few things you should know about this process before you consider getting started on your own.

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