Chapter 2

How The Dam Burst And White Water Cash Finally Splashed To My Door

[i4w_user_first_name], I want you to let us describe what it was like in the moments leading up to my huge “Work At Home” “Cash Breakthrough” and discovery. I knew I was close and I knew I had already solved most of this money-making puzzle. Yes, I had so many pieces of this elusive puzzle already in place that I was starting to smell victory. But I was still missing one last piece of the puzzle and that one thing would finally make everything come together.

I thought I had read every book, course and system written by every marketing genius in the history of America, but I guess I was wrong. I was wrong because I found a “Work-at-home” course on the net that contained the final piece of the mystery of “How to make a serious income working at home with a computer.”

Yes, hidden in an area of the net that I don’t normally look, I found a whole course written by a retired marketer from the old days. And I never knew just how powerful history could be until I started reading what this wise old gentleman had to say. It seems there are many elements about marketing, advertising, and sales that have never really changed over the last hundred years or so. It also seems that history tends to repeat itself when it comes to “working at home.” The knowledge I gained from reading that book was more valuable than gold bars.

As you probably know, in the “Get-Rich-Quick” world, there’s a never ending supply of phonies, frauds, con-artists, imposters, and out-right liars. You can’t take a single step on the internet without bumping into one of them. And sometimes it’s hard to get away from them. These are the people that have never actually made any “REAL” money doing what they teach. And that’s what makes these people phony. They’re teaching you to do something that they’ve never even tried themselves in most cases. And they’ve certainly never made any real income from their ideas.

I’ve been ripped off by these kind of people on more than one occasion and the only thing I ever learned from them is how to identify them and avoid them. But getting back to this wise old retired marketer, he was quite different. He had done some major things in his life such as designing ad campaigns for multi-million dollar corporations. He stood out from all the others and there was just something about him that immediately put my mind at ease. Every word he uttered was so pure and without falsehood. His voice had zero negativity and he exuded success, truth, and prosperity.

Now this was a guy you could really trust and I could tell he knew his business like nobody else does! I mean literally the same day I started using some of his advice and techniques and adding them to the existing parts of what I’d been working on, fireworks went off!

And I lucked out because the genius who put that course together was scheduled to be doing a live seminar in the next few weeks where I would be able to meet him in person. But the cost was staggering! One ticket to get inside this seminar was running $4,350.00. Yes, you heardusright, four thousand, three hundred and fifty dollars was the price of admission.

But I had a very strong feeling this would be the ticket to financial freedom so I decided to go for it. I didn’t even have enough money, but my brother gave us a generous loan to help me out. Even to this day, I still continue offering many thanks to my brother for helping to make this whole thing happen.

Before we even tell you what it was like in that seminar we hope you understand that in a few short minutes, your life can be changed dramatically! Inside that seminar room, I was seeing and hearing things that were like magic! Except this wasn’t magic! This was completely real and this marketing guru was giving us one gold nugget of wisdom after another. This was the good stuff that I’d been struggling and searching for all that time! He told me that I already had most of the picture on how marketing from home worked, but he said there were just a few key ingredients that I was still missing.

You see, I was actually making a small amount of money in the month before talking to this guru. The month before talking to him I was able to make about $900.00 on my own. But obviously that’s not even close to enough money to support yourself let alone a whole family with.

But immediately after this guru explained the missing pieces of the puzzle, my income raged like a wild fire in high dry wind.

Well, I’m not sure I can put into words the feeling I got after making almost FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS in one month! And when I first counted the money for that month…Well, sex is still better, but this feeling was pretty darn close! And this feeling ended up lasting longer!

I didn’t even want or need more than $40,000.00 a month, but it started coming in anyway! I ended that year with more than Half a Million Dollars!

Exactly What Are The Secret Ingredients That Guru Showed Me?

Below I’m going to list off the main ingredients of my system that I learned from that guru and from my own testing.

Using “Review Websites” or “Article Sites” to build instant trust
Choosing the correct niche market
Working with information based products
Knowing how to choose the right niche and the right product
Lead generation marketing and doing it the right way
Knowing the secret of exactly where to advertise
How a simple piece of software gets you leads for pennies
How to make sure your profits never come to an end

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these 8 ingredients above and go over them one by one. Keep in mind, you’re not expected to understand how they all come together at this point. As we move forward, I’ll begin explaining how each of them work.

Also, be prepared to read this last section of the book again until you fully understand how these ingredients all come together.

1. Using “Review Websites” or “Article Sites” to build instant trust and to have instant credibility.

A “Review Style Website” shows that you’re the expert of your industry and causes people to lower their guard and immediatly trusty you. It gives you perceived credibility.

Down below I’m going to explain how a “Review Site” allows you to get ridiculously low prices on advertising which obviously increases your “Return On Investment.” But the best part about having a website that reviews other people’s products or services within your industry is definitely the “Trust” and “Credibility” factor. .

Now we know what you’re probably thinking: “Wouldn’t that be a lot of work for me to build my own website that reviews other peoples products and services? Isn’t it going to be a big hassle to create my own review website?

Ordinarily it would be a big hassle and a huge undertaking on your part, but as you continue reading, you’ll see how I’m going to do all the hard work for you. we know that sounds hard to believe, but you’ll soon understand how easy this is as you continue reading below.

And not only is it easy, but nobody can ever downsize you, lay you off, fire you, or lower your wages! This means you’ll no longer need to live life feeling insecure about your future and your retirement. With your own “Review Website,” you’ll never again have to live your life paycheck to paycheck. Life is so much better without fear and nasty financial surprises.

Let’s talk about why Review websites work so well.

First of all, let’s explain what a review site is. The best way to explain what they are and how well they work is to point out the fact that most people  found me through my review websites. My(Flo’s) review website was sold a few years ago for $40,000! I made over $453,000 from that site before I sold it. At some point a visitor would type a keyword into google and did a search for some sort of business opportunity, company, or a person who writes books or courses on the subject of making money. They would search for something that ultimately led them to my site. Then A little stop sign at the bottom of the pages at  brought them to the product I was recommending . So you already know review websites work. In fact, you’re proof of how great they work!

It’s important for you to understand the evolution of review websites and why they’re so easy to make big money with.

I was the pioneer of review websites. They’re fairly basic but I’ve got them down to a science.

The fact that anyone can create a review website and tap into all this money by just following the exact steps we’re giving you is nothing short of incredible.

I had heard a statistic from either jupiter communications or forrester research that 87% of the people on the internet are using it purely as a research tool to find free information.

The wisdom I took away from that statistic was the fact that the vast majority of people on the internet weren’t surfing around with their credit card in hand looking for things to purchase.

So that meant that 87% of the people I’m trying to reach as prospects aren’t using google to go shopping. They’re just wanting some free information. And that’s really what we all do. Understanding that is huge. To understand that everyone views google more as their own personal secret weapon to find out the truth is important. It’s essential for you to understand that everyone’s looking up stuff on google not with their credit card in hand, not all set to buy goods and services, but instead purely to do research. Everyone really has the same idea of what makes the internet such a beautiful place. Another survey from Jupiter asked 100 people what makes the internet such a wonderful tool. 92 people out of 100 said “Because you can get so much free stuff.”

So we all want to go out there on the net and get as much as we can for free. Then later if we have to pay for something we’ll consider it. One thing we all know we can get for free on the internet is “information products.”

We all know everyone is giving a never-ending supply of written materials free of charge. We all know if we look hard enough we can find the information we’re looking for and that way we can avoid paying anything for it. After all, saving money is actually one of the most powerful forms of making money. If you think about it, the internet actually makes us money just by it’s existance because there there are certain items we no longer have to pay for. We know that some things we used to buy in the old days like a cookbook can now be found free of charge on the net. That’s just one quick example. There are countless other items you can get free on the net. But we would have had to buy before the internet existed. Now you can look up any recipe you want and it’s there on google free of charge.

No other time in history has it been so easy like it is now. So the internet actually saves people like yourself money just by existing. We all know that right? That’s why so many of us use the internet mostly as a tool for research.

Now I’m going to change gears for just a moment and explain how all this ties together with you making lots of money from the internet like we do.

Most of you reading this have already seen my website at but just to refresh your memory and help you understand some things, I want you to pull up if you’re in front of a computer right now. If you’re not in front of a computer right now, make a note to go take a close look at later.

Anyway, when I first started trying to get people to come to Elite eCoach, I used to think that type of website was all you needed to make money on the internet. I used to think all you needed was to take a giant sales letter and make a website out of it just like

Now, years later I understand you’ll always be punished for following the rest of the sheep. Why do I say that? Well because the only reason I relied on that one single website by itself was because that’s what I saw all the other internet marketers doing. Yeah, they all had websites that looked similar, just big long sales letters. For those of you who don’t know why it’s a huge mistake to have a sales letter all by itself as your main website, I’ll explain.

Almost all new internet marketers are guilty of believing that you can simply take one website, advertise it on the internet and get rich. Yeah, most rookie internet marketers think they can just blast that website out in a bunch of emails, put it on Craigs list, get it listed in some FFA sites and newsletters, search engines etc, and that should take care of everything. Now you just sit back and collect all the money…Right?

Most rookie internet marketers think just getting this one website listed on google alone will satisfy their job as a marketer. Then as you may have experienced, they all get that cold slap in the face we call reality. That’s when you find out that Google and all the other search engines don’t really like websites that consist of sales letters. And the other slap in the face is that google doesn’t list affiliate websites or cloned websites that account for 95% of the websites out on the net. This may come as a shock to some of you. But I’m about to show you how to beat google at its own game and make a nice chunk of income while doing it.

Search engines only like to list websites that are what we call “Research worthy” Things that most people would consider to be “Content.” A sales letter is not content. A sales letter doesn’t teach you anything. A sales letter is just trying to get your money. Google is well aware of that fact. So google wants to actually provide its users with some “Real” solid value. Google would prefer you find some real value when searching their engine. Google wants you to finish your search coming away with a smile on your face. If you were looking for some free information, they hope you found exactly what you wanted and they hope you tell all your friends how easy google is to use. (not that google needs anymore word of mouth advertising.)

Not knowing any better, I did in fact make the bad decision to go ahead and get my sites listed on the search engines all by its lonesome. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I wasn’t getting any orders. So I put up a survey form on my website as a “pop up” as people were leaving my website. I wanted to find out why they were leaving without taking any action or buying anything. People started telling us the reason they were leaving my website was because it just looked like one big sales letter. That seemed to be the most common answer. And it just makes common, logical sense, that if all your website is…is one big sales letter, nobody’s going to see any value there…And they’ll be gone before the page finishes loading.

So I had myself a problem. Fortunately I happened to be reading a book on positioning at the time. And when I say “positioning” I’m not necessarily talking about how you’re positioned in the search engines. I’m talking more about how you’re positioned as an expert in your field.

A review style website like the one I used to have before I sold it position you as an expert. After months of testing and watching my bank account get all fat, I concluded that even if you’re not an expert at this thing you’re trying to show people, you must at least appear to be.

Next to that, I concluded the second most important thing a person has to have to grow a massive internet business is “The perfect funnel” What’s the perfect funnel you ask? …Well, when it comes to marketing systems, you’ll hear the term “Funnel” used loosely quite a bit. But I like to define things. I’m sure you appreciate that. So my definition of a marketing funnel is the origin of all your internet traffic, or of an internet marketers traffic. When a marketer is bringing in hundreds of orders a day for a product, and making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, all that has to begin somewhere. Most marketing teachers are vague and say things like “Well it all begins on the internet.”

But each person enters the internet from a different location. Obviously you all know the internet has millions if not billions of different places you can enter from. we call this first entrance a person makes the beginning of your funnel.

Now, as I was talking about earlier, when I first started trying to market that long sales letter style website at Elite eCoach I made another bad decision that turned out to be like that kid putting his hand on the stove. Like that kid, I learned never to do this again. And I’ll save you thousands of dollars by simply explaining my big mistake right here, right now. But that’s how I’ve done so well in life…By making lot’s of mistakes, I figured out all the things “Not to do.” Knowing what “Not To Do” is sometimes more important than knowing “What To Do.”

This bad choice I made involved my funnel and the way I was “Herding” people up on the internet to find me. And yes, you’ve got to “Herd” people up like cattle or sheep if you ever want to make the big bucks. My big mistake was the keywords I was using on Yahoo and Google. I wasted thousands of dollars on google and yahoo by targeting the wrong type of keywords. Although it was a miserable experience, I actually saved my entire list of keywords that failed just for a day like today when I knew I’d want to show people like yourself a perfect example of what not to do.

Here’s the list:

Business Opportunity
Business Opportunies
earn extra income at home
earn extra income from home
earn money web site
earn money fast
extra income at home
extra income from home
extra money making
make extra income
making money fast
making money on the internet
making money on the web
money making program
more money
on line business opportunity
online income
online opportunity
best ways to make money
ways to make money
best internet business
residual income opportunity
self employment opportunity
start internet business
start an internet business
start an online business
start your own internet business
starting an internet business
starting an online business
starting your own internet business
ways to make money fast
ways to make fast cash
ways to make extra income
building residual income
easy ways to make fast money
easy ways to make money at home
easy ways to make money on the internet
good ways to make money
home based income opportunity
home business income opportunity
home income
make money from my computer
making extra income
making money on the net
earning extra income

So what you just read up above was my exact list of keywords from back when I was first testing out pay-per-click search engines many years ago.

I bet most of you reading this right now think those sound like some pretty good keywords to be listed under. Don’t those keywords sound like the kind of keywords you could use to grow a business opportunity or work at home type website?

To understand the evolution of this list of keywords I just read off, You need to know this: Before 1998 there was no such thing as pay-per-click search engines. Some of you may remember those days where we all got our advertising free from all the natural listings in the search engines. Since there were no paid search listings back then, that meant there was more room for people like us that loved all that free advertising space. It was back then that I came up with this list of keywords. Back then that list of keywords worked fine because I didn’t have to pay anything for those keywords. They were a bargain when the price was free. The problem started after 1998 as the first major pay-per-click search engine then known as became very popular. That’s when my ship began to sink, so to speak. Here’s why. I went from paying nothing to get thousands of clicks a day from those keywords up above to being forced to pay up to $1 or $2 a click to maintain my #1 listings on the major search engines. Because if you remember, syndicated their listings to all the major search engines at the time like Yahoo, excite, hotbot, lycos and alta vista. Google didn’t even exist yet. It had always been fairly easy for me to get listings at the top of all those engines I just named. It may be hard to believe for some of you, but Yahoo, excite, hotbot, lycos and alta vista were all the top names in search engines. They were the big dogs of the industry. Suddenly all my top listings were being wiped out by these other marketers who were paying for listings through which later became Then Yahoo bought em’ out. But the point is this: In order to get my listings for all those keywords back, I had to buy them.

After about a year of paying $1 and $2 for a single click, I soon realized my website could not sustain itself while paying such high prices per click. I’m sure some of you on this call have experienced this feeling. Those kind of prices will break the piggy bank pretty darn quick. But I kept buying those keywords for quite a long time just because it seemed like the right thing to do. And you always need to be careful of doing things just because they seem like the right thing to do. Usually when you’re doing things that seem like the right thing to do, it’s because all the other people are doing them. This is the old theory of “keeping up with the jones’s” But the heavy hitters of the world like us get to where we are by learning to silently find a backdoor while all the sheep are walking down that straight path to nowhere’sville.

So paying those ridiculously high prices for those keywords seemed like the right thing to do. But again, when it comes to marketing, if everyone else is doing something, it probably doesn’t work. So you find that “New Thing” that most of those marketers don’t know about.

You’ve got to zig when everyone else is zagging. That’s always where the big money is made.

So again, this list of keywords made logical sense, but it was so expensive that it just wasn’t working anymore. That’s when I had a major light bulb turn on in my head. I said to myself. Ok, I’m bidding on all these keywords spending far more than I’m taking in. I’m going to go broke this way eventually. And around the same time, I was watching some infomercial with one of those guys like Carlton Sheets. I don’t think it was carlton sheets though, but it was one of those get-rich-quick guys I’m sure you’ve all seen on the tv in early hours of the morning. I forget which guy it was, but I did have this sudden realization of crystal clarity. I had been really troubled by my recent understanding that I had the wrong keywords. Even a few friends of mine in business had been telling me, Jason, I think we’re missing the boat on keywords. They would say: Jason, I think there’s a whole different type of keyword to go after that we’re just not thinking of. Well, it was in that exact moment of looking at the man on the TV doing his infomercial sales pitch that that I had one of the most powerful realizations of my life. It was this: “Wow, what if I bid on this guys name” That would be power. because I’d actually be tapping into the exact same type of traffic, or target market that I’d been paying $2 a click for. I’d be reaching the exact same market, but it would just be taking a completely different route to reaching these people. And I just knew in the “flash of the moment” that it would be dirt cheap to reach new prospects in this way. So me being the kind of guy the doesn’t wait for anything, I ran upstairs to my computer and I typed the name of this guy on the infomercial into a special search tool that told me how much it would cost to bid on this guys name. In case you’ve never used one of these tools, it’s quite similar to looking up the price of a stock. Except it tells you how much you’ll pay each time you get a click from a person that finds your website by looking up this persons name. When I typed this gurus name into my handy search tool I couldn’t believe my eyes because it was basically telling me I could have this guys name for 5 cents a click. Compare that with the $2 a click I’d been paying for those keywords I told you about earlier, and imagine how relieved and elated I was at the new reality of how easy it was going to be to continue to support my 3 little ones.

So I immediately performed a test where I added this guys name to my list of keywords and directed the people who normally click on his name to my Elite eCoach website. So I’m now bidding on this guys name, and I should have figured it wasn’t going to be quite this easy, (you know how when something seems to good to be true, it usually is.) Well, that’s the way it suddenly felt because I got an email from the Pay-Per-click search engine staff telling me that they’ve removed that keyword from my list. The email basically said “You can’t have this keyword because your website is not relevant to this keyword you’ve chosen. In other words, they were saying, if you’re bidding on the name Carlton Sheets and you’re taking them to your website at Elite eCoach…They were saying that’s not right. They were basically telling me…Look, you don’t even have any information about Carlton Sheets at your Elite eCoach website, so why should you have the right to bid on his name. So they declined to let me have that keyword. THey literally removed it from my list. So I called them up and I asked “Hey, you removed the name Carlton Sheets from my list of keywords. What would it take for me to be able to bid on the name of someone like Carlton Sheets? How could I go about this so that I was in compliance with your terms and conditions? What could I do to legally have names like “Carlton Sheets” and others like it in my account with all my keywords. The gentelman on the phone said “Well you’d at least have to have a website that talked about that keyword and offered information on that keyword. So he was basically saying “Look, if you want to bid on the name Carlton Sheets you need to have some information about carleton sheets on you website.

They were being kind of vague though about exactly how much information I would need to have about carleton sheets on that page for it to be allowed. So I kind of narrowed them down a bit by asking “Well, what if I just had one sentence that mentioned Carleton Sheets on that page and that sentence had his name in it? Would you guys then allow me to bid on the name Carleton Sheets? He reluctantly said yes. So I left that conversation realizing what I needed to do. I was now a man on a mission. I realized that all I needed to have was a very basic, primitive page with the name Carleton Sheets on it. And I realized I could do that with many other names. (keep in mind, Carlton sheets is just one example out of literally thousands of possible keywords I now realized I could choose from.)

This new knowledge opened up major doors of opportunity because I now realized I didn’t even need to have “Real” web pages to get these kind of keywords I wanted.

I could just type “A review of Carleton sheets is coming soon to this page” Or if I wanted something with more immediate substance and content, I could just mention a few facts or opinions about Carlton Sheets. Since I’ve been using Carlton Sheets name as an example of a keyword throughout this book, I’ll stick with it for this example: “So I could simply type out: In my opinion, Carlton sheets course was way too much work and not nearly as easy as he claimed it would be. I also felt that realtors don’t like to deal with students of the Carlton Sheets program. So that’s it…That was just 2 sentences, and you can now call that a review and can now legally bid on the keyword or term Carlton Sheets. Now they have to let me have that keyword and they can’t fight me on it because I used the name Carleton Sheets in a sentence.

So that’s basically how review sites evolved. Because you had to say something about the keyword you want to bid on. You can say something good, something bad, or something in the middle that’s just there as “Filler” to make sure you don’t get any flack from the staff of these pay-per-click search engine companies. It really doesn’t matter what you say about a person when you want to bid on their name as long as you say something. Well…Actually, be careful not to state any false facts or libelous statements since that could get get you into legal trouble. That’s why I usually just state my opinion because I know I have the right to state my opinion. The constitution gives us all the right to freedom of speach in America.

I knew based on the rules as I’d just heard them, I could get hundreds of pages like that Carlton Sheets example listed on Google in a day or two. I knew I could have hundreds if not thousands of new visitors coming to my Elite eCoach page in a matter of a few days. I realized I would just point all this traffic from all these “Coming soon” pages of gurus, companies, and get-rich-quick guys to my web page. And for once in my life, this turned out to be just as easy as I thought it would be. It was just like I had imagined. I had finally found the key to acquiring as much internet traffic as I wanted because I now was going to channel the highest quality traffic to my website for only about a nickel per new visitor to my website.

So I started out taking the fast, easy route of just saying “A new review about so and so (famous guru) is coming soon to this page. But I soon realized I could take this a step further and create a loyal following of regular visitors to my website  if I did some research on Google to find out more about these keywords (famous gurus) and fill in more of that empty space on each of my pages.

So I realized I could make a ton of money just with simple coming soon pages if I just wanted to keep doing it the “Lazy-No-Effort way,” but I decided I’d make the website full of juicy content and build a solid, loyal following. I knew people would totally eat this website up because for one thing it’s free, and the second thing I know about people who like to surf around the internet is they have this itch within themselves to do research (searching for the truth.) Everyone wants to do research and we all kind of look at big search engines like google as our secret weapon to fight off scams or being taken advantage of. If we’re not sure about something, don’t you kind of think of places like google as your secret weapon in life? Like, hmmm, I’m feeling confused about something, Ahhh…I know, I’ll just go google it and figure it out that way. You think to yourself, I know I can find the truth using Google.

So again, when I thought of all these various elements and I thought about how all these powerful parts of human nature could come together, I knew I was on to something huge. That was my epiphany. It was knowing that the whole world has strong cravings to do research and anyone include myself or you can be the one who provides the pages they’re going to greatfully be looking at. As long as I provided truthful facts, or sometimes no facts, just my own personal opinions, that’s about the topic they just googled, then they’re going to love my review website.

Now, do you remember a while back when I talked about positioning? Now can you see how this is the very definition of positioning. Once you’ve done what I’ve described here, you’ve now positioned yourself as a trusted expert even if you know little to nothing about the topic at hand. But I can’t say it enough, the key to making all that big money you see people talking about all over the net is to get yourself positioned as an expert at whatever business you’re involved in. There’s even a way you can mix these “Review-Style” websites with a company called SendOutCards and make your review website perform even better. If you don’t know what SendOutCards is, then call me…Because you need to know about a trend that’s happening on the net right now and how you can tap into it. I have an exact formula with pre-written websites you can use to profit from my secret formula. As my way of thanking you for purchasing this book, I’m going to give you my secret formula. Plus I’ve got some shocking news that you’ll want to know about in this industry. In case you’re too shy to call me, I’ll be including this news in my newsletter as it unfolds.

I know many of you want to make the kind of money Flo and I make which is also known as wealth or true financial freedom. If you who are willing to position yourself as an expert with my help over the next few weeks, you’re going to be able to finally achieve the kind of wealth I have achieved. And I’m not just saying that because it sounds cool to say. I’m not like all these other guys you may have come across who say all this profound stuff and never follow up with any of it. I know you’ve seen enough broken promises in your travels around the internet. My commitment to you on this is that I’ll be here from 7am to 6pm every day of the week pacific time for you. I’ll spend as much one-on-one time as you need to get up and running with your own review website. When it’s done, it will have a similar look and feel to my old site.

Getting back on track, it’s important to get back to the basics of why it’s so important to have a review website. To summarize and recap: As you may have heard in the past, we’re all sales people. Every human being on this planet is a sales person. Now I’m sure some of you have heard that in the past and don’t believe that to be true in your case. But it’s a proven fact for any of you who don’t believe that you and everyone else on earth is a salesperson. Yes, because we all have to sell ourselves to people in some shape or form everyday of the week. It’s usually to get something we want. If you’ve ever had needs and wants (and we all do) then you’ve spent much of your life trying to get others to see things your way. You’ve had to make a compelling case to get them on-board to see things your way. In life, there’s a constant flow of things we all need and want. Obviously, we can’t always just take these things we need or want in life. So in many cases we have to try to convince other humans that we’re right and that they should do as we ask of them. We’ve all had to do this since we were just learning to walk or wanted a bottle as a baby. Toddlers learn to sell really fast. Yes, kids seem to constantly be selling adults on the idea of them getting candy and other sweets. We all learned to sell since infancy. Everyone reading this can agree we all have one thing in common at this moment. We’re all wanting to sell people on the idea of some product or service and get them to pay us money. But as you know, “Selling” is an ugly word and you won’t make any sales if you behave as a typical sales person would. So how are you supposed to ever make your great fortune selling things if the general public doesn’t like sales people? Is there a way to sell without selling? That sounds crazy but it’s not.

Having your own review website can do that for you. Because once people feel they know you or feel they can trust you, no selling is necessary. So it’s true you shouldn’t be trying to sell. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a website that’s doing the selling for you. If you have a good enough sales letter and a “funnel” or review site that gets people to read your sales letter, it’s like having an automated sales person who’s willing to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So if you want to make the big bucks you’re going to need a really good sales letter. (I can help you with this.) I know at this point you may already be coming up with questions.

Here’s what you may be thinking right now: I don’t have a website with a sales letter built into it so what do I do? Well I’m going to give you permission to copy one of my best converting websites and duplicate exactly what I’ve done to bring home checks that only doctors, lawyers and pro-athletes are used to getting.

But even after I give you the copy and you are using that as your sales video, most people won’t read a sales letter or watch a sales video if you give it to them.

So how can you get people to read a sales letter? How do I get people to read my sales letter. Yes, the review website.

That’s the best way I’ve ever found to get people to pay attention to you, trust in you, see you as an expert, and care enough to take the time to read a long sales letter. Most of these people that found you through your review site will also have one major thing in common. They found your review website because they were all looking up some type of “Work at home business opportunity” or the name of some guy who promised he can show them the road to riches. So we know all these people have found you because they all want more out of life. They all want to live a life of abundance. So after they read one or more of your reviews or articles, and they see that stop sign at the bottom of your page (like you see at many of the review sites online,” They read that headline next to the stop sign at the bottom of the page that says: After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE brought in a serious income I could live on. Click here to go to the website.

When someone has already seen proof that you’re an expert, by way of your reviews or articles and they now read something saying only one program actually worked after testing hundreds, these people are like a dog in heat, pardon the expression. I often refer to people in this state of mind as “marketers in heat.” I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Strike while the iron is hot” Well, that’s what automatically takes place here on my review site all day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Everything happens automatically. Lots of selling takes place without me ever even opening my mouth. Lots of orders come in without me ever talking to a single one of these people let alone meeting with them.

So I no longer try to bring people directly to my sales pages and promotional pages.

Under this new business model, my goal is to bring them to my review site then my review sites bring them to my product sales web page or sales video. We’re going to help you set up a website that does the exact same thing for yourself.

Since we’ve got this major recession happening and our U.S. economy is all messed up, you need to get “Set-up” with this type of system more than ever. Because I know you’re probably going through difficult financial times right now, I’m willing to let you make a copy of a special review website I’ve created just for people who own this book. So you can’t give me that excuse of: “But I don’t know how to create a “Review Site” or “I don’t have time to create a review website.” I’m not going to let you tell yourself negative things like that because I’m going to give you a review website to copy. Yes, I spent years creating several “Review Websites” and now I’m going to let you take all my hard work and copy it (call me for details and help, I promise I won’t charge you anything extra for this help.) I don’t believe in hidden fees.

2. Choosing the correct niche market One of the biggest secrets that makes this whole thing come together is carefully choosing a niche market. But almost every marketer on the internet is fixated on selling a broad product with wide public appeal. And that’s why 97% of all internet marketers are failing at what they’re doing. There’s a famous saying that all great marketers fully know and understand and it goes like this: “When you try to sell everything to everybody, you end up selling nothing to nobody.” Another one goes like this: “When everyone’s your market then no one’s your market.”

Why is this? Well, the simple answer is that it costs a lot more money to advertise to that broad audience we call the masses, than it does to advertise to a small niche market. Yes, you get a much better deal on advertising when you sell to a niche market.

I’ll give you a couple different examples of why that’s true. First, let’s pretend you’re selling hearing aids. Well, if you decide you want to reach as many people as you possibly can, you’ll probably end up advertising in a newspaper like USA Today. USA Today reaches that broad audience we know as the masses. Let’s say you spend $250 on a classified ad in the back of USA Today. I know from experience that even if your classified ad is well written, you’ll only get about 5-10 people who call you from that ad. And out of those 5-10 people that contacted you about that ad, it’s a safe bet that only about 1 or 2 will actually purchase a hearing aid from you. But let’s be safe and say that 3 people end up buying from you.

If you weren’t charging at least $83.00 each for your hearing aids, then you lost money. But let’s say you were being a fairly smart business person and you charged $200.00 each for your hearing aids. That means you made about $350.00 profit when you subtract the $250.00 ad cost from your $600.00 net profit. Well, you just put $350.00 in your pocket. Is that good? Well not if that was all you were able to do for the whole month.

Now let’s go back and pretend you were a much smarter marketer and you decided you might do better if you focused your marketing efforts on a small niche market instead of a broad mass market. So instead of advertising in USA Today, you first ask yourself who tends to buy hearing aids the most. And a light bulb goes off in your head and you realize that older people are the most likely customer for a hearing aid. So you then look around to find a magazine or newspaper that is published for the elderly. You find there are actually many publications that go out exclusively to the elderly community. So you choose to advertise in the classified section of a little newspaper that is published exclusively for a gated retirement community. Well, your ad in that newspaper is going to cost you about $11.00(that’s how much it costs to advertise in the retirement community newspaper next to where I live.)

Well, I know from experience that you’re likely to get at least the same response you got from the same ad you placed in USA Today for that type of product. Yes, I’ve done the testing and it’s just a fact that you’ll get about the same amount of orders from that newspaper for the elderly. Don’t forget that the cost of an ad in that newspaper is only $11.00. So after you get 3 sales from that $11.00 ad, you now just made a profit of about $589.00.

It was the same ad and the same product but you can now see how there are two different markets involved in the example above. The first market we targeted was the mass market(broad market.) The second market we targeted was the elderly. Are you starting to see why it’s important for you to avoid trying to market to the masses in a broad market? Are you beginning to see how you can significantly cut your advertising costs by finding smaller, niche markets to sell to?

You could even find a smaller niche market to sell those hearing aids to than just the elderly. I’m looking on the internet right now and I see that there’s a publication just for people that have impaired hearing. Can you imagine the results you’d get if you were to place an ad for your hearing aid in there? I think you’re starting to get the idea. Keep in mind, I’m not suggesting that you sell hearing aids for a living. I simply used hearing aids as an example of how advertising in broad markets Vs niche markets works.

It’s probably quite clear to you by now that I chose “Business opportunity seekers” as one of my niches. But keep in mind, that’s not my only niche. I also chose surveillance software as another niche. You can see what I’m doing in that niche by looking at

Another niche I’m involved in is email marketing software of the non-spam type. At that site I promote a list mailer that is for the niche of people who are only interested in sending out email ads to people that have given them permission. You’ve probably heard of this responsible type of email advertising referred to before as “Opt-In” or “Permission Email.”

Anyway, these are just a few of the many niches that I do business in and all of those businesses I mentioned above are extremely successful. Why? How? Because I apply all the techniques that are in this book you’re now reading.

The most common method people use to decide which niche market to get involved in is to simply ask yourself what your hobbies are? Or ask yourself what is of most interest to you in life? What fascinates you? This is often a niche market that you already know and understand. You may even be an expert on a niche market that you didn’t realize was a niche. Are you? Think about the things you spend your spare time with.

The best thing about dealing with niche markets is the fact that they’re so easy to manage. What I mean is that instead of trying to reach 300 million people that mostly don’t care about your product, niches allow you to focus on around 20,000 prospects at a time. For instance, in my spy software business, there’s only about 25,000 people that are subscribers to spy magazines. This means instead of trying to get lucky advertising to 300,000 people, I can now go directly to the 25,000 people that are most likely to become my customers. Kind of like shooting fish in a barrel when you think about it.

Most niche markets have a nice small audience to focus your efforts on. But the people that make up this audience study these niche publications inside and out. This type of audience pays close attention and they’re eager to read about anything related to their special niche. This makes these people highly responsive to your advertisements and this increases your return on investment.

3. Working with information based products

What exactly is an information product? What is the definition of an info product?

An information product is basically anything that is read, viewed on video, listened to on cd, tape, etc. And information products always teach you how to do something that will make your life better or more enjoyable. Information products usually teach you how to avoid pain or how to gain pleasure.

The most common information products are books, manuals, reports, newsletters, or instructional courses. You’re just minutes away from finding out why these are the most profitable and exactly how these products are going to put serious cash in you pocket!

These types of info-products are a perfect marriage with the internet. Information products are hands down the highest profit, least hassle, easiest way to make money with your computer at home.

Now don’t forget that this whole system is based on mixing the right types of ads with the right types of products, but most important is to make sure you target the right niche. This is why you want to actually custom fit your products to the exact audience or niche you’ll be marketing them to. If my niche market is guitar players, then I may want to create and sell a video on new improved guitar playing techniques. But I definitely don’t want to try to sell them a video that has anything to do with drums, bass, piano, or vocals. An even worse idea would be to try to sell them a video that reviews and rates stereo equipment or shows them how to improve a surround sound system. Guitar players are not that much more likely to be interested in stereo equipment than a broad mass audience.

Your main goal is to closely match a product with a niche. Then get the product to match it’s audience as close as humanly possible. The closer you match the two, the more money you’ll end up making.

In some cases matching a product to a market is as simple as changing the title of the product. For instance, I know of a guy who wrote and marketed a book on dieting. Well, of course you’d figure a book on dieting would surely be only marketed to the masses and the broad audience. But this guy was smart and knew that even if a product looked like it was created for a niche, that was good enough. What do I mean? Well, this guy took his book and started re-naming it and re-labeling it to hit different niches. For instance, he came up with all of the following types of names for his book: Dieting for Teachers, Dieting From Your Cubicle, The Office Diet, Dieting for Airline Pilots, The Athletes Diet, The Ultimate Diet for Computer Programmers, etc., etc., etc.,

He came up with bunches of different titles for the same book. The contents of each book were mostly the same. He would find out some of the terminology the people in those different professions listed above use in work related conversation and make minor changes that made the book sound like it was custom written for that niche. For example if he wanted to sell the book to truckers, he’d re-name it “Dieting for Truckers”, and then he’d hang out a truck stop for an hour to listen and learn how to speak like a trucker. He could then make slight changes to the book that made it very appealing to truckers. After learning to talk like a trucker, he could even write his ad copy to sound like a fellow truck driver was talking to them. So truckers would read his sales pitch and say to themselves “Gee this guy is one of us. Sure, I’ll buy a copy of his book since it’s from a fellow truck driver.” But was the diet itself really any different in each of these books? No! He just changed a few words here and there and bam! A new product was born every time he made those few little changes. For instance, he might open up in the introduction of his book saying something like this: “As an airline pilot, I realize you do a lot more sitting than the average guy or gal. That’s why I’ve put together a diet designed to help all the airline pilots out there stay in great shape!”

Then in the book that he re-named: “The Ultimate Diet for Computer Programmers”, he simply changed the name of the profession. Take a look below to see how easy it is to do.

“As a computer programmer, I realize you do a lot more sitting than the average guy or gal. That is why I’ve put together a diet designed to help all the computer programmers out there stay in great shape!”

So the bottom line is this: After I show you how to create your own information product, you should always ask yourself if there’s another niche you could easily re-name your product for. If the answer is yes, then you’re going to find out how exciting things get when you begin to mix the power of multiplication with your new income.

4. Knowing how to choose the right niche and product

Here’s a fact for you: “Everything we do as humans is to either avoid pain or to gain pleasure.”

So the product you choose for your niche market needs to either offer your niche more pleasure in life, or a way to help them avoid some of the painful irritations in their life. Think about the types of pains, hassles, and irritations your niche is likely to be experiencing right now and try to teach them a valuable solution. On the same token, think about the kinds of things that are likely to give your niche more pleasure in their lives. As you think about both of these feelings, you’ll realize that there’s a close relationship between the avoidance of pain and gaining pleasure. In fact, they’re almost the same thing. Think for a moment about how they both cross over into each other.

As you begin to understand this principle, you’ll begin to see how important it is to reach your niche on an emotional level. Setting up your marketing so that it evokes a strong emotional response along with powerful feelings is a key ingredient that makes this whole system come together. Don’t try to sell based on the logic and reasoning of your customers or niche. I know you’d figure people must use logic and reasoning when considering a purchase, but they don’t. All great marketers fully know and understand that people always shop in an emotional state and their purchases are determined by how the ad copy makes them feel. That’s why you’ll hear the term “Impulse Buyer.” Because people react so quickly to emotional ad copy that makes them feel good. People react especially quick to ad copy that causes them to momentarily day-dream and imagine how much better the future will be with this product. Or if they imagine how much irritation, pain, and frustration this product will help them avoid. Do you see how both lines of thinking cross over into one main objective? It’s all about improving their lives.

In the case of my Desktop Snooper software niche, I knew and understood that this small group of people wanted to alleviate any concerns that their children were up to no good on the internet(adult sites.) Or they were sometimes just concerned that their child may come into contact with a perverted internet predator in a chat room. Another pain I knew my small niche group was concerned about was whether or not their spouse was cyber-cheating in chat rooms or singles sites.

All of those concerns above fall into the category of helping my niche avoid pain. And when you think about it, they’d be gaining pleasure because of the peace of mind they’d get from knowing all is well. I also knew there were other people in my niche that just liked to spy on other people’s computers. And watching the computer activity of a room-mate, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, co-worker, gave them some sort of voyeuristic pleasure. Hey what ever floats your boat.

So I created the Desktop Snooper software because I knew this small niche market would love this kind of software. And they did and they still do! Take a look at the Desktop website and you’ll see how I reach that niche on a very emotional level.

Now let’s look at the pain and pleasure aspects of my Opt-In, permission based, email marketing software called In Touch. I did a little research and I found out that the people in that niche market had a major concern. That group of people wanted to be absolutely certain they would never be accused of sending spam. Yes, this group of people loves to advertise by email because there’s no postage involved, but they want to be sure they’re doing it as responsibly as possible. They know from their own email boxes that the internet is riddled with spam and they don’t like it anymore than the next guy. But most important, my research showed that spam laws were their greatest concern.

So I found a way to get an opt-in, permission based, email marketing program written at no charge to myself. I can show you how to get software written for you as well. Anyway, when I started advertising In Touch to this little niche, they bought it up faster than I could take their orders!

In Touch did exactly what they wanted. It allowed them to reach thousands of people on the internet at almost zero cost! After they bought the software, it was free to advertise to as many people as they wanted. Unless they were buying leads(which I strongly discourage them from doing and I’ll explain why later.)

The last business I’d like to talk about is the business of marketing information products to opportunity seekers. Yes, that’s why you have this book right now. You were an opportunity seeker looking for a way to earn money at home with your computer. You are part of the niche group called “opportunity seekers” or “business opportunity seekers.”

As you may have noticed, I do very well with this niche, because I understood a long time ago, that there’s about 750,000 people looking for a “Work at Home” business opportunity at any given moment in time.” And I also knew that 95% of the business opportunities out there don’t work! Maybe you already know this too! Maybe you had to learn it the hard way like I did. Either way, only about 5% of this niche is truly satisfied with their current income. So this niche is definitely starving for something that stands out from all the garbage.

Since 95% of this “Opportunity Seeker” market hasn’t achieved its goal of making a rock solid income from the comfort of home, I knew I could offer a solution with the right answers.

I’m going to start showing you how I sell my products so quickly and easily in the next few pages, but first I want to summarize and review what you’ve learned up to this point. First of all, you learned what a niche market is and how important it is to target a niche market as your audience. You learned why it’s a bad idea to target a broad, general, mass audience and how that can hurt you. You learned that people do everything in life to avoid pain and to gain pleasure. You’ve learned why it’s so important to reach your prospects on an emotional level and why your need to understand how they feel and what is likely to be causing pain or irritation in their life. You’ve learned that each market has it’s own irritations, frustrations, and pains and that you need to identify that of your own niche so you may then offer your niche solutions to their problems. You then learned to custom tailor products specifically for your niche market. You learned that this will help them avoid pain and bring them more pleasure which will make them a satisfied customer coming back for more. You learned why it’s so important to have complete control over your own products and full ownership of them.

Those are a few of the basic ingredients that can put a serious income in your pocket quickly and easily. Keep reading to explore even more key ingredients that are about to make others jealous of your success

I’ll show you how to produce these products even if you think you have zero talent! I can show you how to get your advertising copy written even when you’re certain that you have no writing abilities! I can even show you how to find and receive publishing rights to products that other people have already taken the time and effort to create! And while you’re at it, I can show you how to make sure they’re the perfect fit for your niche.

Even if you think you have zero knowledge, talent, experience or know-how to reach your favorite niche, I can show you how to locate a person who already has the knowledge you’re looking for. Then you’ll fully know and understand how to get that person to write down all their knowledge for you. You’ll then understand why they’re going to want you to sell their information to the niche market of your choice. You’ll have a whole niche market practically begging to buy the words of someone else from you.

Later, I can show you how to create name recognition and how to create a strong sense of trust among your prospects and customers.

You’re now beginning to see how these simple ingredients outlined above come together and make up a truly unique internet marketing system that is unlike any other. And unlike all the others out there, this one ACTUALLY WORKS! Click the blue link below to continue on to chapter 3 and you’ll see how all this is immediately going to bring you income.

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