Chapter 1
This Is How You Can Make Up To $2,778.00 A Day Sitting At Your Home Computer!


Even Out Of A Small Bedroom In Your Home!

By Jay & Flo

An Amazing But True Life Story About Internet Marketing And How You Can Cash In.
Anyone Can Do What We Do!

I know you probably think it sounds like we’re exaggerating when we tell you we make up to $2,778.00 a day sitting at our computers.

Jason’s gonna tell you the whole story, right here, and right now.

As crazy at it sounds, we actually do it on a regular basis and we only spend a couple hours a day at our computers. Flo gets stuck to his computer a little more though because he’s addicted :-) , while I, on the other hand, just got done taking a year long vacation.

And I really believe that anyone over the age of 9 or 10 years old can follow my example and do exactly what I’m doing. I know a few secrets and I’m about to reveal them to you in the pages ahead. So keep reading if making up to $2778.00 a day is acceptable to you.

Of course I can’t and won’t guarantee that you’ll make the exact same number of dollars I make everyday, but what I can do is tell you how we do it. I’ll reveal some of my most confidential secrets, tips and tricks along with a complete money-making system that produces a serious income!

How Much Money Do You Really Want To Make?

Our average income per day as we sit here writing this book for you is averaging just above $2,700.00 per day, for each of us. Some days we may make more than that, other days we make less.

By January, 2001 we had already generated over 3.4 million dollars using my internet marketing system. Now that’s gross, not net, but at least close to half of that is net (money that was ours to keep). But we’re not going to sit here like all those other internet marketing gurus that tell you over and over how they’re millionaires.

No, instead we’re going to show you a few of our actual bank statements from our business checking accounts, so you can see our total monthly and yearly deposits for yourself. While others just talk, we offer proof!

These days it seems like everyone is flapping their lips trying to convince us of how much money they make. Don’t listen to what they say. Ask for proof! Ask them to show you actual bank statements like we do. Then watch how fast they try to make up excuses about why they can’t show you their bank statements. They’ll say things like: “Oh I can’t show you my bank statement because that’s confidential.” And the only reason they won’t show you their bank statement is because you’d laugh if you saw most of them. That’s why they keep it so confidential. But Flo and I believe anyone who is really making a serious internet income will be more than happy to show you a simple bank statement as proof.

So we’re each going to show you one of our actual bank statements just so you’ll know we’re the real thing and not one of those phonies. Click here to see one of my bank statements from a single month. Keep in mind, that’s only one of my bank accounts. I have two more business checking accounts that also have extremely large deposits going into them every week. Yes, we both make a good solid living and we’re about to show you most of the keys to our income so you can start making the same kind of cash-flow for yourself.

After you finish reading this book, you’ll know almost every secret we’ve used to produce this much income and you’ll know how to do it the same way we do.

But keep in mind, you might not need a million dollars a year to support your lifestyle. As individuals, all of our income needs are different. It’s possible that you aren’t very materialistic and it’s possible you don’t desire the expensive trips, cars, and homes that many gurus have. We often talk to our students and they tell us their needs and wants are more modest and they’d be happy if they could even make half the income I make. Heck, $1,000.00 a week might sound great to you especially if you don’t want to work very hard and you don’t need all the fancy stuff. We’ve even talked with some stay-at-home-moms that say they’d be delighted to make just a mere hundred dollars a day if it meant they still got to stay at home and play with their kids all day.
Whether you want $100.00 a day or $2,778.00 a day, this book is going to show you how your computer can help you do it! Just like we’ve been doing it for the past nine and a half years solid!
We also think you’ll be glad to know that we’re not “Lucky” people and that luck plays no part in how I make all this money. This is not some fluke that just worked one time for one person. On the contrary, the same system we’re about to show you is being used by hundreds if not thousands of other successful internet marketers that work out of their homes.

Yes, our particular approach is a little better than most, and it’s definitely unique, but the basic nuts and bolts of my system have been making lots of other people serious cash for many years.

You Definitely Don’t Need An Office and You Don’t Need Employees!

I’ve been working out of a small bedroom in my house for over eight years. I have a small desk with a $500 computer sitting on it. There’s nothing special about me, my equipment, or where I do my work. Many people that know me actually tell me I’m a cheap-skate in a lot of ways! I don’t want a fancy office with a pretty secretary. I’ve seen too many big shots with offices, secretaries, and staff go broke. Fancy offices and pretty secretaries don’t make money! On the other hand, the correct knowledge does make money. I’m just an average guy who happened to find out a few secrets that actually work! And you’re just moments away from finding out how I do it.
As you read these secrets up ahead, you’ll find out why you’re never going to have to put much of your profits into overhead or business expenses. There’s absolutely no reason for you to go out and get an office. Your home will work just fine unless your business grows too large to contain in your home. And that’s a great problem to have!

You’ll never need to have a bunch of employees. Employees are more trouble than they’re worth with all the baggage they bring to your business.

No Need To Ever Get All Dressed Up

One of the perks of working from your home is the fact that it doesn’t matter what you wear while you’re working. You might find Flo and I working in pajamas, robes, old torn sweats and holy jeans most of the time. Heck, you could answer the phone naked and your customers would never know. Your customers never come to your home and you never go to their home and since you never see each other in person, it’s a relaxed atmosphere.

I actually get a lot more accomplished than I ever did working in an office because I’m so comfortable working in my house. There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing we’re doing. It’s a piece of cake!

Now we would like to tell you how we put this whole home business system together and why it’s going to be even easier for you than it was for us. I know you may feel like skipping ahead, but you’ll be hurting yourself if you do. This system must be read in the exact order in which it was written for it to make perfect sense. It’s important for you to know each step I took to start making the kind of income we now make. This system will make perfect sense if you see how it all began.

We’re about to show you what we do and how easy it’s going to be for you to do the exact same thing in your home. And remember, the big checks we get in the mail are not some strange fluke and we didn’t just get lucky. We just followed an exact method that guaranteed our success. It’s really no different than when you use a recipe to make a delicious dinner. You just follow the recipe and add the exact ingredients. And you always get the same delicious meal.

You could also compare this to a restaurant chain like Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Round Table Pizza, Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell etc. Does the food taste different at a Taco Bell in California than it does at a Taco Bell in New York? No, of course not because they both use the exact same ingredients for every item on the menu. A Big Mac from a McDonalds in the United States tastes the same as it does in a McDonalds over in Europe!

Just understanding why all these restaurant chains are so popular and so successful is going to help you understand exactly how this system is going to make you successful.
What is the single most important common denominator all these restaurant chains have in common? Each one of these restaurant chains uses duplication to achieve their stunning success. The owners of these restaurants know that success can be achieved over and over again and again by simply following a set of instructions or reading a manual that contains the ingredients to a perfect recipe! Yes, duplication is the key!

The reason people who read this book become successful is because it contains the exact ingredients that have already made thousands of other people successful. So as you continue to read through this book, we want you to stop worrying, doubting, and over-thinking. We want you to treat the rest of this book just like you would treat any other great recipe that was recommended to you by a good friend. Remove any doubt you may have about this working for you and just know that you are following a perfect recipe that has always delivered success to everyone that has used these ingredients the way they are written below.

My name is Jason Ryan. I’m thirty three years old. My wife Mindy and I have two daughters and a son. Three years ago, using the money I’ve made from my internet business, I purchased a 22 acre house in California for my family. The best part is the fact that I was able to put 75% down on that house in pure cash. Again, I made all that money by using the techniques, secrets, and strategies revealed in this book.

And just so you know, I still don’t have an office and I have no desire for an office. I’m writing this book right this very moment from a spare bedroom in my house that I turned into an office. I’m living proof that one room in your home with one computer is all you need to make up to half a million dollars a year! Most people dream about making this kind of serious money with a home business but I’m actually doing it! It’s real but I still can hardly believe I’ve finally reached my main goal in life! It’s still hard to believe that this little book you’re reading right now has helped bring such an enormous income and so much freedom to my life!

For so many years I tried business opportunities that just didn’t work! I felt like a complete sucker because I kept buying every “Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme” I could find. I was addicted to buying money-making-systems. I bought every “Work At Home” magazine and I responded to every ad. I ordered every course, program, system, and money-making report I could get my hands on. I ordered seminars on tape, franchises, distributorships, plans, and anything else that looked like it could make me stinking rich.

I spent $19.95 on one report and $99.95 on another. I spent $199.95 on a set of eight audio tapes and I spent $399.95 on a distributorship. Heck I even spent $2,000.00 on a website that guaranteed I would make $600.00 a day! It never made me a nickel! In fact none of that stuff ever made me a penny!

I’d be ashamed to even tell you how many thousands of dollars I’ve spent on worthless get-rich-quick schemes. I bet you’ve had some similar experiences and you’re now probably thinking the “Work At Home Dream” doesn’t exist. If you’re like I was, you probably don’t know who to trust anymore.

I was there too! I remember how it felt to spend all my money and get nothing back in return. But I now realize that all those thousands of dollars I spent searching for a high paying business opportunity were not wasted! It’s now clear to me that If I hadn’t spent all that money trying different things, I never would have learned some of the secrets I’m about to share with you through this book.

You’re lucky! Why? Because both Flo and I had to pay thousands of dollars to find the information you’re about to read. I had to spend over 4 years to find out the secrets you’re about to see in just minutes. And you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and thousands of hours like I did!

Let me tell you the main reason we wrote this little book. You’d think we wrote this for the money, but money had very little to do with it. These days, neither of us need the money. At one time we wrote little books like this for one reason and that was because we made serious cash by telling others the secrets to making a rock solid income. A few years ago, I really needed that money badly and it was like gift from above. It’s not like that anymore.

Now that I’ve already made enough money to retire on, I sometimes ask myself “Why are we still writing new books?”

Well, here’s the truth. I feel very fortunate. This system has given so much to both of us that I feel like it’s now time for us to give something back. I remember how hard it was and what a struggle it was before I knew these secrets. And even though I had to spend thousands of dollars to find out one good piece of information that would change my life, I can only hope nobody else has to go through that long, difficult process. I don’t believe anyone should have to go through that kind of stress and frustration. I now feel obligated to share my knowledge with you. Keeping these secrets to myself would be a selfish thing to do.

Anyway, it’s not like it hurts me or Flo by telling you my confidential secrets. Some people have asked me this question: “Aren’t you just creating more competition by telling all these people the secrets to your success?”

The answer is “No” and you’ll find out why as you continue reading further.

Let’s talk about what this book is NOT.

First things first. We know some of you reading this right now still can’t help but to be a little bit skeptical and have doubts about whether this system will really work for you. But just for a moment allow yourself to be open and receptive so you can truly take in this information and fully absorb it. I’ll start by telling you what this system is not about.

It’s not MLM, Multi-Level-Marketing, or Network Marketing. This system has nothing to do with that stuff. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve actually made some money with MLM but I just think most people never find success with MLM and we have found a much easier way to make money. And with this system, you never have to meet with anyone face-to-face and you never have to do any real selling. This system always sells itself so you just collect the checks! Since most of the work is automated in this system, you’ll only need to sit at your computer for about an hour a day! In fact, even people that don’t own a computer can use this system so the market is huge for this!

This system is not one of those pyramid schemes that doesn’t even have a “Real” product. No Way!

With this system, all of the money you’re going to make will come from providing “Real” products with a legitimate purpose to people who are desperately seeking them. And they’ll always pay you top dollar for your product! Every time! We’ll give you more information about your product in the next few pages, but we just want you to know that we don’t just sit around selling
“Get-Rich-Quick” information. No way, there’s probably good money to be made doing that, but that’s just not what we do. Before we even wrote the first page of this book, we had already made 2.1 million dollars combined by using all of the ingredients that make up this system! So even before this book existed, we were raking in a rock solid income by using all of the techniques outlined in this book.

This is not one of those goofy deals where we sell you a bunch of catalogs, brochures, and order forms and tell you to pass them out to make money. In that case we would be the only ones making any money while you’d be losing money! No, this system is nothing like that! You keep all your profits with this system. All the money goes directly to you!

After we show you how this system works, there’s nothing else you’ll ever be required to buy from me. Once you know the secret system, you’ll never need to have any connection with me at all. And we certainly won’t be taking any of your profits! But the only connection you may want to have with us is for me to help get you started.

Our goal is to see you become completely independent just like us. The last thing anyone wants is for you to be dependent on us. Your goal in purchasing this system was to learn how to become financially free and completely independent so you don’t ever need to rely on others for a paycheck. And most important, you don’t want some fat cat boss-man taking most of the money for the work you do in life.

We did not make this system up. I’m sure you’ve seen the get-rich magazine ads and infomercials that show the owner of the company standing next to a Mercedes, next to their giant cruise ship, or even standing on the stairs of their own lear jet. And you probably already know that many of the people posing in those pictures aren’t even the real owner of the company. Often times the person in the photo-ad has a completely different name than the one you see advertised. Yes, these guys often use made up stage names and they set up their own photo shoots showing a life of luxury when it’s not even real. All fake!

We want you to know straight up that we’re nothing like that fake stuff you see out there. No way, Flo and I are totally real people and if you saw us walking down the street you’d never know that we are rich. We don’t act like rich people and we don’t look like rich people. We look completely ordinary, dress completely ordinary, and even drive ordinary cars. We don’t need to impress people. In fact we go out of our way to look like regular folks because we don’t want to be treated different in life. Sure, we used to drive flashy luxury cars and dress like movie stars, but we soon learned that people would often try to use us for our money. Yeah, every other day someone else would be asking us for a loan or just pleading for us to help by donating some money to them. Sure, they’d ask for a “Loan” but nobody ever paid me back anyway, so that’s why I use the word “Donation.” Because when you’re rich everyone thinks you should just hand out money to every Tom, Dick, and Harry! You’re rich so you can afford it. Right? Well we don’t like being used anymore than you do so it’s not even about the money.

So neither Flo nor I no longer try to impress anyone with expensive toys. But the main point I’m trying to make is that every word written in this book is completely true. Flo and I are not about to risk losing our homes, our businesses, or our reputations by telling a single lie. That would be fraud and it’s illegal.

I have no reason at all to make anything up because my true life story is so unique and amazing that it’s more powerful than fiction.

This Is Not Just Something That Sounds Great On Paper But Wouldn’t Be Easy For You To Do
As you continue reading your way forward, you’ll soon see that even a 10 year old child could use this system (where was this when I was a kid?) This system doesn’t require much money to start up. So even if you’re almost broke, there’s plenty of hope in the pages that follow. You don’t need any special education. You don’t even need an office or a store to do this. You don’t need to stock any inventory of products and you don’t need any special equipment. Best of all, you don’t need to have a single employee working for you, ever! You just need yourself and this book!
This is a completely different approach to internet marketing that has made us over 2.1 million dollars combined before we even wrote this book!
Be prepared to read this book again and again until you fully understand the big picture. Because once you fully understand what I’m talking about, you’re never going to work for anyone else again. Your money worries will be gone forever, and we promise you this: The people that work in your bank will soon have a new respect for you and know you on a first name basis.

I Didn’t Go To College
I mostly screwed around in school so I never had any interest in going to college. With no degree, I wound up having to do what I call “Real Work.” And when I say “Real Work” I’m talking about jobs such as stock person, grocery bagger, cashier, dept. store sales person, professional cleaner, etc. And when I say I did some cleaning I don’t just mean dusting. I cleaned windows, toilets, floors, tiles, and even cars. At one time, I was even cleaning up after a demolition crew. They smashed stuff up, and I had to walk through all the dust and carry out the garbage.

But I don’t want to bore you with all the details of all the many odd jobs I had. I just want to let you know that I wasn’t born rich and that I actually shed blood, sweat, and tears just trying to live on my own. Those jobs all had one thing in common. They were all “Real Work” and I hated every minute while watching the clock and waiting for the end of the day to come.

It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t meant to have a boss in life. I didn’t like taking orders back then and I still don’t like taking orders now. And that’s part of the reason why I listed so many different jobs of mine up above. I used to get sick and tired of jobs faster than most people. So I’d end up getting fired or quitting sometimes after only one week of working. There were a few occasions where I just walked off a job without even telling anyone I was leaving and never coming back! I would seriously just wait until nobody was paying attention to me and I’d just walk right out the front door, get in my car and drive home. Home was where I like to be. Home was a place where I felt safe, relaxed, and happy.

Yes, I was really good at getting jobs, but not so good at staying with them and being committed to them. Home was just such a better place to be. So looking back, it’s really no surprise that one day after walking off a job, I stopped at a computer store and bought a cheap computer with money I didn’t have. I had one credit card left that wasn’t over it’s limit and I used that one credit card to live off of for the next 3 weeks while I sat at that computer determined to figure out how to make it spit out dollar bills.

No Luck! For over a year I tried every internet money-making opportunity I could get my hands on. But I just kept racking up more debt. A year later, I was $46,735 in debt and desperately struggling. Any sane person would have gone out and gotten a job. But to me, a job was not an option. I seriously would have rather been in prison than had a job. At least in prison you can sit down and relax. Ok, well on second thought, I wouldn’t want to be in prison either. But I think you’re starting to understand just how much I hated having a regular job. Having a boss seemed as close to a prison sentence as I can imagine.

So I just sat at that computer all day long and I answered as many of those “opportunity ads” you see in the back of small business magazines as I could find. I tried every money-making scheme that I came across. If you sold a get-rich-quick scheme, I would have been an easy sale for you at that time.

I tried offline businesses as well as online businesses, but they always turned out to be nothing but lies. And I kept falling for every one of them. It was official. I was an opportunity junkie. If there was such a thing as opportunity junkies anonymous, I probably needed to be there.

But as bad as things got, I was one stubborn son-of-a-gun! I knew I’d rather be homeless than work a day job. At least I knew what I didn’t want to do. Looking back, knowing what I didn’t want was actually a step in the right direction. So I just kept on trying more business opportunities. I tried them all. I experimented with different ways of doing them and I tested and re-tested each one.

When you look at just how pitiful my life was at that time and how bad things were turning out, it’s actually good news for you. If I can suddenly bring in $437,540.00 after being down so low then you know you can do it too! As you continue reading, you’re going to see just how easy this really is. Remember, I’m not a lucky person and what I was about to discover wasn’t luck. I discovered a recipe for success. Yes sireee, I had found the exact ingredients for a serious cash income!
There are a few reasons why you’re likely to use this system and make more money, faster than when I got started. Who knows, you may even do better than me later on too!

But before I ever hit it big, things kept getting worse while I was struggling to avoid losing my apartment back then. I ended up having to move back in at my parents house which as you may know, is a hard thing to do. But I had no choice. My credit cards were now all over their limit, and my checking account had a negative balance. Things were ugly!

But as ugly as things got, I still wasn’t going to throw in the towel and get a boss and a job to go with it. No way, I was determined to find a way to get my computer to make me a solid income from home. That was my dream and I was obsessed with being my own boss and finding a simple way to make money from home. I wanted to be totally independent and financially free to relax at home where I felt safe. Looking back I sometimes can’t believe that I never gave up and at least got a part time job to help get me out of my financial mess. But I guess I was well aware that every minute I spent working for a boss making low wages, was time wasted. I knew that having a boss and a job would only end up robbing precious hours from me and take away the time I needed to get my own thing going at home.

How Did I Go From Almost $50,000.00 in debt and struggling at my parents house, to buying a house worth over $412,000.00 in just six months?

And How Was I Able To Put Down almost $200,000.00 On That House In Cold Hard Cash?
After Being So Desperate For So Long, How Did I End Up Paying Cash For 2 New Luxury Cars?
I even bought expensive toys for my kids like a horse, a new dirt bike, and a quad racer.
Heck, I suddenly was able to buy every piece of jewelry my wife was asking for! Yah, I scored big points doing that!

Out of nowhere, we suddenly get to travel first class and take exotic vacations as often as we want!

No boss! No cubicle, No office! I take orders from nobody! I am suddenly in charge of my own life! I can suddenly do what I want when I want without asking anyone! I can take today off and go play with my kids at the local park if I want. I can decide to take the whole rest of the week off and goof-off all day with my wife! I can take the next month off for a tropical vacation half way around the world if that’s what I decide to do.

I’m about to tell you how I finally made a huge breakthrough in my struggle to create wealth with my computer at home.

I know you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for me to finally tell you how I made this all happen and now it’s time to show you how to do the exact same thing I did. I’m going to use the space in the rest of this book to tell you how this system can change your life as quickly as it changed mine.

But first, watch the first video that Flo put together for you below [i4w_user_first_name]

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