Use eBay’s Actual Sales Data to Find Out What to Sell and How to Sell it.

Students at Elite Ecoach have access to our advanced eBay Market Research Tool that gives you in-depth, up-close access to eBay’s own sales data. With hundreds of thousands of products to potentially sell on eBay, imagine having the ability to see which products sell the best, on which days, and at which prices? Imagine being able to easily pull up the top sellers in any category and spy on the competition’s every move. You’ll know which products to sell and which to stay away from and you’ll know every necessary detail that ensures your products sell efficiently on eBay. All of this is possible with our eBay Market Research Tool giving you custom access to eBay’s actual sales data and history.

No more guesswork or spending hours on eBay wondering what to sell or how the PowerSellers are so good at what they do. With this tool, in just a few minutes time, you’ll have access to all of that information.

The often hidden truth is, research like this is essential to any long term PowerSeller on eBay. They don’t guess. They know what will work before they even get started. And they do this by accessing eBay’s sales data. At Elite Ecoach our students access the same information and grow into PowerSellers.

We take the guesswork and chance out of the equation.

Billions and billions of dollars exchanges hands every year on eBay between buyers and sellers. It might surprise you that some of the most lucrative niches to sell in are often the mundane, boring niches. You don’t need to sell iPods and Xbox 360’s to be successful on eBay- in fact it’s quite the opposite. Using this powerful research you will identify hundreds of IN DEMAND products that sell everyday at very profitable prices. You’ll observe ongoing selling trends in any category. You’ll identify niches with plenty of room for new sellers like yourself. You’ll know what auction title draws in the most buyers. Should I end my auction on a Tuesday or a Saturday? At Noon or 8pm? How much should I charge for shipping? How many days should my auction run for? What starting price should I use? All questions that will be answered within minutes using our invaluable eBay Market Research Tool.

We pay a large fee to license this live data directly from eBay and we make it available to you, our student, in an easy to navigate program. With the eBay Market Research Tool from Elite Ecoach you’ll have access to the “secret information” that has made so many PowerSellers very wealthy on eBay. With Elite Ecoach and our eBay Market Research Tool on your side, you’ll soon have a successful eBay business that generates thousands of dollars a month in pure profit.