What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the single most efficient methods you can use to launch a profitable online business. At Elite Ecoach we teach dropshipping in explicit detail, helping our students achieve their dreams of running a profitable online business that makes real money in a very passive way.

To sell products at a website most people think they need to physically carry these products- usually at their home or small office. Dropshipping allows you to sell products at your website WITHOUT physically carrying the products. All of the fulfillment (the packaging and shipping) is done by the manufacturer or distributor- also known as the dropshipper.

In other words the dropshipper lets you sell THEIR products at YOUR website. When you make a sale they ship the order to your customer from their warehouse using all of their employees and their resources; expenses that you don’t have to worry about. Dropshipping allows you to run a business without investing in any inventory- which means no risk on your part while enjoying all of the income potential.

Dropshipping is leverage. It gives you the ability to create a large online presence very quickly without investing in products, storing inventory, hiring employees, or doing any fulfillment yourself. In fact many of our students run more than one dropship website at the same time. They work from home with little more than a laptop. They are free to manage their businesses from any location in the world (that has an internet connection) and they no longer trade their time for money. Their dropship website works for

Which niche is right for you?

One of the single most important decisions you can make about running an online business, especially a dropship business, is determining which niche has the most potential for you. Should you sell electronics or space heaters? Auto parts or sunglasses? There are very specific research techniques that need to be utilized to find out if you can make money selling in one niche or another. The competition level must be right, the potential search engine traffic must be right, the profit margin must be right, dropshippers must be available, and much more.

At Elite Ecoach we walk you through this very important process. We make sure that you build up an online business that has a future and becomes a consistent income stream for you, and ultimately becomes a valuable asset. Sites like these are sold regularly for hundreds of thousands of dollars. So many of the people who attempt to do this on their own spend months or years working on a website that is destined to fail because they didn’t research probably right in the beginning. Our students don’t waste their time. Our students don’t work towards goals that are unattainable. We coach each and every student in every aspect of researching, creating, and marketing their website to ensure it’s success.