Affiliate Programs

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the quickest methods of making a real income online. At Elite Ecoach we teach our students every level of Affiliate Marketing from beginner to advanced. The ability to diversify your online income and use our proven, time-tested strategies will make you a much better internet marketer.

Making money as an affiliate is very simple. You get paid a commission when you send someone to the advertiser’s website and that visitor takes a specific action. Whether it’s buying a product at that website, filling out a form, requesting information, or even something as simple as clicking on an ad; the advertiser will then pay YOU as a way of compensating you for sending them that targeted traffic.

How much income is possible with Affiliate Marketing?

As an example, let’s say you create a free website that reviews different types of insurance. Your website isn’t fancy and you fill it with several articles that you’ve written. The website is free to setup for you and the traffic you get comes from people searching Google for information on the insurance you discuss at your website. A visitor searches Google for “cheap motorcycle insurance”, browses through a few sites, and ends up at yours. She reads the great article you’ve written about the pros and cons of different types of inexpensive motorcycle insurance and at the end of the article you’ve included a link to the most affordable motorcycle insurance plan available. The visitor clicks the link and on the insurance company’s website she fills out a quick form to receive a quote for an insurance plan she likes. You’ve just earned yourself a commission!

All you’ve done is create a quick, free website (which we show you how to do in detail) and you’ve provided your visitor with the quality information she was looking for. Chances are, you created that site months ago and haven’t touched it sense but it continues to make money for you. As an affiliate you’ve just earned yourself $10 for sending that visitor to the site and getting a quote.

When you setup your site correctly it will earn commissions every day and on a much larger scale. Imagine sending ten more visitors everyday to that insurance site to get a quote. Now you’re earning $100 per day or $3000 per month from a single website. Your site will continue earning affiliate commissions long after you’ve moved on to a new project! Can you increase that traffic and make more money? Of course. Can you set up even more free websites? Only if you want to make more money.

This is just one simple example. There are many other ways to use Affiliate Marketing in every niche online and profit from it. We teach the most advanced methods here at Elite Ecoach. There are affiliate marketers who earn anywhere from several hundred to literally thousands of dollars a day sending traffic to the right websites. We’ll show you how they do that and how you can get started as well.